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Dalton debates empty chair at NAACP on Saturday

 With shades of Clint Eastwood, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton debated an empty chair at a state NAACP forum Saturday.

With his Republican opponent, Pat McCrory, deciding to skip the forum, Dalton portrayed the former Charlotte mayor as someone who as governor would go along with the agenda of the Republican-controlled state legislature. (McCrory attended the State Fair and then attended a fund raiser in Gastonia.)

With two chairs set in front of the audience – one labled McCrory, Dalton, frequently criticized his opponent as “this empty chair.''

Dalton, the state's lieutenant governor, said he opposed many of the cuts instituted by the GOP legislature during the budget shortfall – particularly cuts to the public schools, the community colleges, the universities, student loans, and for health care.

“This empty chair supported all of that,” Dalton told the audience at the North Raleigh Hilton.

“He was a fan of George W. Bush,'' Dalton said. “He supported everything that's going on in the General Assembly. If he is elected governor, he will be be rubber stamp for all of these draconian policies.''

“He would be for the repeal of the Racial Justice Act,” Dalton said. “He would support voter suppression laws. He would support vouchers for private schools. And he did support those cuts for education and economic development

“I will not be a rubber stamp for anyone,” Dalton said. “I will protect the middle class and those wanting to get there.''


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Restoring confidence in state government

I think a number of voters want to elect a Governor who will restore confidence in state government.  I also think that Lt. Dalton is too closely aligned with the Easley and Perdue administrations to be a realistic hope for change in state government.   

and they will be deeply sorry

I have no doubt Pat McCrory will win. I also have no doubt that the people of NC will be deeply sorry they elected him. This is going to be the shortest shift of power in NC history. After four more years of non-stop corporate toadying, blatant selling of public policies and reactionary rightwing social legislation, you can kiss the NC GOP good-bye. But sometimes people just have to see it to believe it. But, trust me, they will.

A change from the last two years, you mean

There might have been some validity to your argument, except that over the past two years the Republicans wasted no time at all in becoming even more corrupt than the Democrats were. On top of that, they have ignored the economy and jobs for two years and are now trying to say it's their priority. Really? Did they just figure out we were in a recession? Because they have definitely spent the last two years passing social legislation that tells us what we can and cannot do in our personal lives. 

Change is coming

I am equally confident that the people are sick and tired of the same ole business as usual in Raleigh. Twenty uninterrupted years of democrat corruption has taken it toll on our state. Change at this point will be refreshing to everyone who lives in North Carolina. I agree with McCrory, we are over taxed and regulated. With the economy down the last thing we need is higher taxes so Wally can play good ole boy in Raleigh. McCrory 2012

I am confident that by

I am confident that by November 6th, the great citizens of North Carolina will realize that maybe it's not the best idea to elect a former Mayor under whose tenure the unemployment rate and debt of his city doubled.


Remember President W said the huge tax cuts and deregulation would lead to economic growth and when he left us with the worst recession in our nation's history, (750,000 jobs being lost a month) as well as the biggest debt.

What does Myers Park Pat propose now? Big tax cuts and deregulation.

Deja vu!


23 days

Wilmington Demo-rat you only have 23 days to spout your attacks and propaganda. Then the PEOPLE will decide who will be the new governor. McCrory 2012

North Carolina Republicans

North Carolina Republicans and Ethics - You mean the Party whose leader, Speaker Tillis had two top staffers sleeping with married lobbyists or whose Leader, GOP REP Committee Chair Laroque was embezzling millions of dollars so he coulod buy his girfriend fabergege eggs.

And who campaigned for all of these folks - Myers Park Pat the Charlotte lobbyist!

Usain Bolt cannot run that fast.

I don't think that Dalton can fun fast enough to run away from Easley & Perdue.  Not even Usain Bolt can run that fast.  I think the people of North Carolina are looking for a change in the Governor's Mansion and Pat McCrory represents change.  

New Low for Dalton

Dalton's campaign has been competely based on accusations and dirty political schemes against McCrory. Apparently what he would do is not part of his sordid, losing effort, reflecting his own record of inability and inaction.  After 4 years in office, people don't even recognize his name and he will be kicked to the curb along with the others that were "gifted" into office only by the Obama tide of "08. What a sorry state of political rantings. Is dirty negative politics what North Carolina should expect from him in the future? Shades of national Democratic "it's not my fault" irresponsible politics. Definitely time for a change in the leadership. McCrory will be the new governor, leaving behind this quagmire of negative Dalton/Purdue/Easley politics, to begin a new era of ethical and sustainable growth for our state. Time has run out for Dalton, and he knows it.

Dalton still loses NAACP debate

Dalton still loses NAACP debate against empty chair

The 60's...young people please read

Most of those 60's sheriff's and racist bigots you referred to were Democrats with those attack dogs!!! You may just bull crap this younger generation, but those of us who lived through the civil rights movement haven't forgot "Bull Conner" and his attack dogs and fire hoses in Selma. Nor, have we forgot that he and all of the others like Governor George Wallace who stood in the school house doors to block black students were all of the DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!!!

You really think Patriots

You really think Patriots from North Carolina spent the winter freezing in Valley Forge fighting King George so Myers Park Pat could take away their voting rights 225 years later.

The McCrory Tillis Laroque Leadership team are racist bigots. Voting for Voter ID legislation is no better than the Sheriffs who unleashed the attack dogs on black people in alabama in the 60's.

Flash: Dalton debates empty chair and still loses

Dalton has been a empty chair in the Lt governors office, and has No record of his own. All Bev's policies were his policies. He is on a constant attack, because he has NOTHING else. Loser move on

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