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Dalton campaign raps McCrory unemployment comment

Democratic Walter Dalton campaign is accusing Republican Pat McCrory of being out of touch for his comments on unemployment.

During an appearance in Fayetteville on Wednesday, GOP gubernatorial candidate was quoted as suggesting that it was too easy to collect unemployment benefits.

“Part of it is the process of applying is too easy...If they turn down jobs that offered to them, why should be allowed to stay on unemployment,” McCrory was quoted in saying in the Fayetteville Observer.

Ford Porter, Dalton's spokesman, said Thursday, “yesterday Pat McCrory proved how out of touch he is with North Carolina. McCrory's shameful assertion that out-of-work North Carolinians prefer unemployment to the rigors of the job search sounded more like corporate interests pulling his strings than the reality faced by people across this state.''


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Out of touch

I believe Dalton is out of touch.  I own a small staffing company and have jobs available.  I hear, ON A WEEKLY BASIS, "I will go to work when my unemployment runs out" or "I can make more money drawing unemployment than I can working for you".  Mr. Dalton needs to be speaking with small business owners (and specifically staffing companies) to understand how the process of obtaining unemployment benefits is hurting businesses that need labor and have job openings.


If, after being offered gainful employment, a person chooses to stay on unemployment, a conscious decison to stay on the welfare wagon rather than work at a job offered,  that is part of the problem, and reality is we have a problem. Not just in NC, yesterday 3 towns in California declared bankruptcy...too many people on the payroll to support by too few working.  If a person is offered a job....and is in need of a job, why shouldn't they take it rather than continue unemployment. The reality comes when we look at the fact that they had a choice, to be employed or stay on the public welfare payroll. McCrory is right on this one, and on others, that is why he is the best  and only clear thinking candidate for our next governor. Again, the Dems have nothing good to offer but more of the same we have had, so they resort to mudballs.

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