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D.C. group behind robocalls

A Washington-based nonprofit is behind the "Lamont Williams" calls.

According to Facing South, a staffer for Women's Voices Women Vote admitted that it was behind recent robocalls that gave misleading information about voter registration.

The State Board of Elections has been looking for the source of the calls.

The nonprofit told the Institute for Southern Studies, which runs the Facing South blog, that the calls were part of a 24-state effort to register unmarried women. But the calls do not mention the group's name, they come from an unlisted number and they are misleading.

The calls tell voters to look for a voter-registration packet in the mail, but they were made after the deadline passed in North Carolina for mail-in registration.

Complaints have been made in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona about similarly misleading calls.

"The reports from other states are very disturbing, especially the pattern of mass confusion among targeted voters on the eve of a state's primary," Democracy North Carolina's Bob Hall told Facing South.


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Re: D.C. group behind robocalls

Women's Voices Women Vote made robocalls in at least 11 states just prior to their primaries aimed at African Americans (not single women) intent on confusing them about registration. They illegally blocked the caller's name, didn't identify the organization and misled voters into thinking they had to return a mail-in registration after the registration period had ended. This wasn't a "mistake" as they now claim. It's illegal. There were all kinds of complaints about these calls in other states.

This is a multi million dollar voter disenfranchisement campaign run by John Podesta and other Hillary minions. Maggie Williams herself sat on their board until she became Hillary's campaign manager.

If the Clintons hadn't entirely alienated the black vote they surely have by now. Can somebody explain to me how she can possibly win the general without it?

They know exactly what they're doing

I think Obama's response was beyond gracious, but that he knows, everybody knows, this was an effort to confuse people into thinking they can't vote without having received a package in the mail.

Re: D.C. group behind robocalls

a quick glance at the biographies of the Women's Voices Women Vote board members reveals several former clinton staffers and advisors. hardly political novices who would make such a mistake. there is also a "lady" who came from accenture, formerly know as arthur anderson consulting. some may recall they had an involvement in the enron scam as well as the florida voter roles purge of black voters( of course there was no voter suppresion in that little stunt).

Re: D.C. group behind robocalls

Why would an org called "Women's voices, women vote" send a robocall featuring a guy named Lamont? Why do it the week before the primary? It's just dumb.

I'm not insinuating some conspiracy to disenfranchise the electorate, I'm just saying that this group is incompetent.

Re: D.C. group behind robocalls

Joe Goode, Executive Director of Women's Voices Women Vote. Goode was the Campaign Manager for North Carolina Congressman David Price. After serving as the Congressman's District Director in 1997..... - (WVWV website)

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