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Cunnngham leading Marshall in Senate fundraising

Cal Cunningham is leading Secretary of State Elaine Marshall in fundraising in the Democratic Senate primary.

Cunningham, a former state senator from Lexington, has raised $320,058 since entering the race late last year compared to Marshall who has raised $233,327, according to year-end reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

Cunningham reported having $303,175 on hand while Marshall reported having $211,113 on hand, Rob Christensen reports.

A third Democratic candidate, Chapel Hill lawyer Ken Lewis, has not yet made his campaign finance figures available.

The Democrats are behind the pace of where Democrat Kay Hagan was at this point in her successful challenge to Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2008. At the same point, Hagan had raised $561,836.

Incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr has $4.3 million in his campaign account.

Update: Lewis reports that he has $116,000 on hand and has raised $380,000 in his bid for Senate. 


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Who wants the DSCC to represent NC?

This post is very worrisome. Why do the citizens of North Carolina want a candidate so heavily engaged with this partisan organization? The mere fact that some people are fine with the ideal that "they have picked a winner for North Carolina" in Cal Cunningham. Aren't the citizens of North Carolina supposed to choose who they want to run in the general election, not some group of politicos in Washington D.C.

By the way, how did Brown catch the DSCC by surprise? The Brown v. Coakley election was the only show in town at the time. Perhaps, the citizens of MA did not want the "Washington DC approved" candidate, but the candidate that might represent their concerns in Washington DC.

The DSCC will not fail this time

The DSCC did not do well in Massachusetts with Martha Coakley but they have picked a winner for North Carolina. I think Cal will raise more money than Burr, Lewis and Marshall combined. I believe President Obama kinows he needs Cal to support his spending programs. The DSCC will not let North Carolina down like happened in Massachusetts. Brown caught them by surprise but Burr cannot hide from the DSCC.

Cal's personal fundraising

I've heard all of the political fundraising talk, but I am wondering about Cunningham's normal gig, fundraising for himself. Most people call that a JOB. Cunningham is still listed as an associate at Kilpatrick Stockton. Is he still working? Has he been working the last 3 months while he has been dotting the state and east coast at speaking engagements and fundraisers? If so, has he been getting his normal salary. If I don't show up to my job, I don't get paid.

If Cunningham has been getting paid a full time salary and doing less than full time work, is that considered a campaign contribution by his law firm?

Ask Cal if he's a Constitutionalist?

What about Lewis and Marshall? ...and Burr for that matter...

In regards to SonofWS

Ken has raised $380,000 total in his campaign, if I am reading that correctly. That means, in the over 6 months Ken has been in the race, he has managed to raise exactly $60,000 more than Cal raised in 3.5 weeks. His total is also less that what Elaine has raised, with her having been in the race just over 4 months, at the time of filing.

Unless Ken's campaign sent a message that was unclear, it appears he is not gaining much traction in fundraising circles. Am I reading that correctly?

Cunningham's in a spin game

WeWantCal was one of Cunningham's front for getting in the race and to say that it doesn't speak for him is nonsensical. The whole idea was to make it seem like there was this "draft Cal" mentality (which there wasn't).

There is no question that Cunningham held a fundraiser with DC lobbyists last week. He send an e-mail to supporters about it.


So, $380k is less than $320k or $233k? Maybe the headline needs to change.

Unless this $300k is all

Unless this $300k is all there is... like the flame burns out.

Again, Not Correct

Cal was very much travelling the state, speaking at events and exploring the race. But, as noted in his filings and from his campaign's press releases, Cal did not enter the race until December 7th, 2009 ( think that date is correct -- that is when his email announcement happened, if I am not mistaken). Therefore, he could not have been raising money during those previous months spent criss-crossing the state and exploring a potential, now actual, bid for the Democratic nomination - because there was no "exploratory bid."

Still, nice attempt. His money all came within the last month of 2009, meaning his pace far exceeded his primary opponents - and was within striking distance of Richard Burr's pace -- a 16 year DC politician and incumbent Senator.

To be completely accurate...

Cal has actually been "in the race" as long both Ken and Elaine. He has been traveling around the state with an Exploratory Committee laying the ground work for jumping in so to say that he was just in three weeks and raised 300k isn't accurate be completely accurate...

Not Quite Right

Both the story and politicalzoo's comments are not quite accurate. Let me explain.

With all due respect to Dome's reporting, it is technically correct to say that Cal and Elaine are behind where Hagan was at this point in the 2008 cycle. However, it doesn't point out that Elaine has been in the race many more months than Cal and currently has less cash on hand. Cal, meanwhile, raised his $300,000+ in less than a month -- which means that he is well ahead of the fundraising "pace" that Hagan was on in her cycle, but he was not in the race in as early a date as she was, respectively.

And, to politicalzoo's comment -- that tweet is not from Cal Cunningham or his campaign. As far as I know, Cal does not have a personal twitter (I've been looking for one), and his personal Twitter does not say that. In fact, your information comes from a Twitter account titled "WeWantCal2010," which explicitly says it is the "unofficial" spot for Cal news and notes. The person(s) that run that site have every right to posit stories and spin however the wish, but for the sake of accuracy -- it is NOT the official campain Twitter.

That being said, if Cal did raise $300,00+ in some 3 weeks and a couple days of being in the campaign, starting last December, and Burr raised his $1.2mm in 3 months, then their correlation is not that far off. If Cal was raising in the vicinity of $100,000 a week during his time in the race, before filing deadline, then he was pretty much in a dead heat with Burr (in fact, given the amount of weeks in Oct/Nov/Dec -- he would be slightly ahead). And, if he indeed did it without corporate or lobyist money -- good for him. But, then again, we dont have access to each individual donor of his.

I just hope that the reporting, though consistently excellent, will make sure the readers know serious differences in fundraising intensity and effectiveness, when necessary -- instead of easily lumping the candidate's together. While the story is true, it is not as accurate as I believe it could be.

As for the comments, we are all free to say what we wish -- but blatantly getting the facts wrong doesn't help any of us - partisans or not.


Cunningham's tweet misleading, at best

Cunningham tweeted: Cal is on an equal fundraising pace w/ @burrforsenate -- and is doing it w/ NCer's $, not corporate lobbyist's

Burr raised over a million and Cunningham has $300K. Plus he said that he did it without corporate lobbyists and he had a fundraiser last week in DC - WITH LOBBYISTS! Guess that goes to the next quarter's reporting!

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