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Cunningham quacks like a candidate

Former state Sen. Cal Cunningham of Lexington continues to act like a U.S. Senate candidate, but he is not yet ready to announce a decision.

Cunningham was working the crowd at the Democrat's annual Vance-Aycock fund raising dinner in Asheville over the weekend, and he spent a few days last week in Washington attending a seminar put on by The Truman National Security Project, which trains young Democrats on security issues, Rob Christensen reports. He also met with Sen. John Kerry of Mass. and others.

But Cunningham said he has not made a decision on whether to enter the 2010 race for the seat now held by Republican Sen. Richard Burr.

"I am continuing to test the waters with Democrats around North Carolina," Cunningham said. But he added: "I am very heartened by the encouragement. North Carolina is looking for energetic new leadership."

Cunningham may be holding off until he sees what Congressman Bob Etheridge of Lillington decides.

Etheridge has been encouraged to get into the race by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which carries a lot of clout because of its ability to bank roll a Senate campaign. But Etheridge has not been moving around the state, and he was not at the Vance-Aycock Dinner, which is considered a must for a potential Democratic Senate candidate.

There are already two Democratic Senate candidates in the race, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Durham attorney Kenneth Lewis. Both Marshall and Lewis hosted hospitality suites at the Grove Park Inn, the site of the dinner.


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I hope no BAD people show up

And by "bad" I think the uber liberal N&O's effort to find a white male candidate is just as expected, in that crazy opposite from what Art Pope and FoxNews says kind of way.

Re: Cunningham quacks like a candidate

I hope he does continue to pal around with Kerry. He should also hammer out his campaign plan with John Edwards as well.

Re: Cunningham quacks like a candidate

Career politicians breed corruption and lies. Vote them out or they and their cronies either die in or retire from public office.

Option win
Option lose

From what I can see this cat Cunningham has only served one elected term in public office...that being the case,I feel he deserves consideration for the seat now held by Burr.

Re: Cunningham quacks like a candidate

North Carolina deserves much better representation in the Senate than Richard Burr. Cal Cunningham is making the right moves by conferring with Senator John Kerry and the Truman National Security Project. Cunningham would be a vast improvement over the incumbent. I hope he runs.

Re: Cunningham quacks like a candidate

apparantly the RACIST Vance Aycock attracted democraackkk racists from across the state on Saturday evening ...even Asheville locals on welfare were seen in the did they afford the $100 ticket?

No mention was made of a REAL NC JOBs program by the Governess...NONE, ZERO, NADA!

this bunch of NC CRIMINALS should be ASHAMED of their SLAVE drivin selves!

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