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Cunningham makes it official

Cal Cunningham, a former state senator and Iraqi war veteran, formally entered the U.S. Senate race this morning, promising to focus his campaign on North Carolina's struggling economy.

"The defining issue of this campaign is jobs," Cunnigham told about two dozen supporters outside a a 19th century cotton mill that has been redeveloped near downtown Raleigh.

Cunningham has in recent days outlined a series of proposals designed to encourage job creation, including tax credits for businesses that hire new workers, the temporary elimination of capitals gains taxes on small businesses, and the creation of a new bonus manufacturing tax credit to reward companies that research and manufacture their products in this country.

The 36-year old lawyer from Lexington, starts the race little known to voters across North Carolina but with encouragement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and from the White House who view him as having the most potential against Republican Sen. Richard Burr in the fall. But polls suggest that the May 4th Democratic primary is wide open with Cunningham competing with Chapel Hill attorney Ken Lewis, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Lumberton attorney Marcus Williams.

Cunningham made no mention of his Democratic opponents, but said that Burr is "a symbol of what is wrong in Washington" including the gridlock. He said that Burr had very little to show for his five years in the Senate.


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Tax cuts Marci?

Hey Marci, where's the tax cuts? My with holding went up this year. You would know that if you had a full time job. Please show me the tax cuts that have made a difference, since Obie has been in office. You know, the ones that Hagan and Obie-one put into effect. Are you talking about that $250 tax credit? Why not talk about all the tax increase proposals that will cost us more. Why would you care, you probably don't even pay taxes.

According to a CQ Politics

According to a CQ Politics article

Cunningham’s campaign manager is Rick Fromberg.

What the article does not mention that is that Fromberg has experience with candidates from the North Carolina.

Fromberg served as John Edwards’ Political Director in Nevada as he made his run for President in 2008 and was also his Northern Virginia regional director in 2004.

Cal Cunningham = John Edwards ?

The similarities are uncanny.

Truth about Obama tax cuts...

Firstly, nearly 32% of all Americans do not pay taxes at all...

This 32% more than likely receive some form of government entitlement. So that leaves the remaining 68% to cover the bills for everyone.

Do you even understand the difference between a tax cut and a tax credit?

FYI - in case you missed this article -

DSCC endorsement of Cal is reason not to support Cal

Why should North Carolina blindly support Cal Cunningham based on the fact that a group of non-North Carolinians in Washington DC study the race and select him?

I thought elections were a democratic method to elect someone to represent the people of their district or state...not a group of political operatives in Washington primarily concerned with keeping their job.

I think the election of Senator Kay Hagan has shown North Carolinians what happens when the DSCC selects a candidate...

Hagan promised...

Unfortunately, under the Bush Administration, the middle class has been the victim of a reckless fiscal policy, corporate greed, and a Washington culture that rewards the special interests instead of hard working Americans’ best interests. Middle class families are feeling an economic pinch that makes it more difficult to balance work and family, send children to college, purchase a home, and handle skyrocketing energy costs.

Kay Hagan believes that Washington should act with middle class priorities in mind. When she is elected to the U.S. Senate, Kay will work tirelessly to enact policies that:

• Make the Tax Code Work for Middle Class Families
• Encourage Affordable Homeownership
• Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Lift the Debt Burden on the Next Generation

...then we learn that she was rubbing elbows in Miami at the Ritz-Carlton with corporate lobbyists - the same ones she campaigned against to benefit the DSCC.

How many middle class North Carolinians are able to afford a trip during this recession?


The silence is deafening as Marcedward1 removes his shoes in order to facilitate basic ciphering....


You are killing me, Senator Burr was born in 1955. The last US troops left Vietnam in 1973. Is this a joke? Are you in favor of pressing 17 year olds into service? You preach to other participants about not being informed and then post trash yourself.
Hey everybody! Keep Marcedward1 away from all sharp objects!


mokocope, I didn't say you were ignorant, I said you were a hypocrite and would rather appear to be ignorant. Again, you specifically said that you didn't like a person running for office to bring up their military service unless they were a Republican. That's a double standard, common among hypocrites.
Let me guess, you don't like Cunningham bringing up his military service because Burr refused to serve his country during the Vietnam war?


Reagan2, Hagan and Obama did cut taxes.
Maybe you should stick to subjects you know something about....if there are any


Doooohhh! You got me! General Powell is one hard core Republican and now you've called me ignorant. I could be a rocket scientist for all you know freak. Didn't I run into you in the sandbox when I was growing up? Yeah, now it's coming back to me, you were the kid my cat kicked sand over.

Give Cal a chance

Some of you are not being fair to Cal. The DSCC has studied this race and has selected Cal. Please give him a chance. The DSCC does not select someone carelessly. I think you will find he is the man for North Carolina.

Burr's contibution to the military?

It is obvious that you don't know very much about Burr. His contribution and loyalty to the military is equaled by no other member of congress. I would suggest that you might do a little research before bashing him.

As far as this guy's stint in Iraq? Let's see, he was there post war, and as a PROSECUTING attorney. I doubt he had much of experience in a combat zone. I don't know for sure, but I think I can safely say he was no grunt, living in a foxhole. He could have served just as well in Europe or the Far East. I am only saying this because I would not say that his military service qualifies him for this type of government service. It does NOT disqualify him either.

I do not know that man, so I do not know how good he is at his job -- Lawyer.
I can use one of Obie-one's comments, to judge him by the people he associates with. In this case, he is endorsed by Obie himself. That should be enough for many folks to disqualify him, just by association. Anyone that Obie endorses, has to be hosed up. Look at his czars and his mentors, communists, socialists, criminals, perverts, and racists. Not much of an endorsement for this guy.

Since I know what kind of Senator Burr is, I have no reason to see him replaced. He has done a great job for the military, especially here in N.C. He also has authored a proposed Health Care bill, and has voted consistently to limit congressional spending.

This guy, a Democrat says he is for cutting taxes, etc. but we all know he will just follow Hagan and continue to vote according to what Obie instructs.

No thank, I will continue to vote for Burr. We have already reaped the consequences of "hope and change" and I don't think our country can take too much more of Obie's agenda.


mokocope, Powell is a Republican. I can see why you'd rather be considered ignorant than hypocritical.


Marcedward1, I notice that you failed to notice that General Powell endorsed President Obama and counsels him to this day. You're to busy calling me a hypocrite based on a couple of online postings. You're a zero, get back on your medication.

SO, is he a CONSTITUTIONALIST? Will he answer? HUH?

What about it Cal?

If you are being courted by the ShamBama machine, we will overcome you.

Cal is going to need to answer voters emailed questions if he expects support...


mokocope, I notice that you are angry at any NON-DEMOCRAT who mentions his service - McCain, Powell, etc., but a Democrat who has served his country, well that's not acceptable.
A patriot you're not, a hypocrite you are.


If I had to rely on a dud like yourself for affirmation of my status as a Patriot I would be in bad shape. Did you even read my post in its entirety? I doubt it. Lay off the Starbucks and work on lengthening your attention span.


canes04, not to call you stupid, but for people who are writing laws, lawyers are probably the best choice!


mokocope I see you denigrating somebody because they served. Real patriotic of you.

Mokocope has a point

I think that if Cal Cunningham's military service was his ONLY qualification, or if he focused on it to the exclusion of his other qualifications, your point would be stronger. My perception is that he discusses his Army service primarily because (a) he has a firsthand understanding for U.S. foreign policy and veterans issues that none of the other candidates have and (b) he is highlighting one of Burr's biggest weaknesses--the fact that Burr has done a really poor job of supporting our troops. For instance, Burr supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan only to the extent that they provided billions of income for big defense corporations. When it came time to fund the equipment our troops needed and to provide adequate resources for treating wounded veterans, Burr declined to support our men and women in uniform, many of whom are and were North Carolinians. This is an important issue in the campaign, and I hope that all the candidates address it thoroughly.

Reagan, please schedule the first Sarah Palin rally for late April and the 2d one for late October. That would be just great.

Cal Cunningham and Iraq

With 8 months to go until the election I am already SICK of hearing about Cal Cunningham's service in Iraq. Let me say up front, I appreciate the work done by SJA officers, I appreciate Cunningham's service. That being said, I don't appreciate any veteran continuously reminding us about their service. There are of course exceptions; names like Powell, McCain and Petraeus come to mind. It's a privilege to serve, the payoff is the ability to pursue The American Dream. Using what you volunteered for and were paid to do as a chip in an election is wrong. Lest my Democratic friends get their thongs in a knot, I pulled a year long tour in Iraq. I don't adorn my vehicle with Veteran's stickers or look for ways to work my service into conversations i.e. " I'd like a drink and fry, damn! The way you flipped that burger reminded me of my time in Iraq."

Scared? Hah!

Look, if we were scared we would just get Palin to do a fund raiser here and then the guy would be soiling himself as he ran away. Nope, we aren't scared. We just don't need another Obummer gopher down here. We already have one, Hagan.

Q: Why are Republicans so scared of Cal Cunningham?

A: Because he will beat Richard Burr.

All of this animosity toward Cal Cunningham illustrates that Burr's supporters have soiled their britches at the prospect of having a bright, young, experienced, and passionate North Carolinian challenging Burr come November. It just scares Burr's folks senseless to think that bank-run Burr may have to debate someone who represents the hard-working citizens of NC instead of rich insurance and banking industries and their millionaire corporate officers.

Does Cal Cunningham have a job?

What does Cal Cunningham know about jobs? He knows how to get paid for one while trying to get another. He is still listed as an attorney at Kilpatrick Stockton.

Another slick lawyer

Haven't we learned our lesson about electing slick, ambitious, inexperienced lawyers to the U.S. Senate? I would have voted for Roy Cooper, but I am not voting for Cunningham.

Cunningham is bought and paid for by Harry Reid

Cal Cunningham is a pawn of the Washington, D.C. insiders that run the Democrat Party. Harry Reid and Jack Reid have already maxed out to Cunningham's campaign. Cal Cunningham will go from being an associate at Kilpatrick Stockton to being an associate at Reid, Obama, & Pelosi, PLLC.

Wouldn't you think

Wouldn't you think with all these lawyers we could get someone to talk about tort reform?

Wonder why that is?

They love to talk about health care reform. Just can't get around to tort reform though. Maybe after these lawyers straighten out these doctors then the doctors can straighten out the lawyers. I would not bet any money on that!

Another Lawyer?

Yea, you know who else are lawyers? Barack Obama is a lawyer. Michelle Obama is a lawyer. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. Bill Clinton is a lawyer. John Edwards is a lawyer. Elizabeth Edwards is a lawyer. Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not graduate). Every Democrat vice presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen, went to law school. Look at leaders of the Democrat Party in Congress: Harry Reid is a lawyer. Nancy Pelosi is a lawyer.

So great, how original, another lawyer to represent NC in the Senate...

Recommended by Obie-one

"but with encouragement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and from the White House"

Well, that just disqualified him from getting my vote. I have seen the ones that Obie-one recommends, and I don't want anyone like that in North Carolina. We need to clean corruption, not add to it.

Burr will get my vote again.

Is it just me, or ....

Does he kinda remind you of Jonnee 'Silky-smooth-hair' Edwards?

We need another lawyer in

We need another lawyer in Washington like we need a hole in the head. And we sure don't need another Obama yes man. How about this CAl...leave the Bush tax cuts in for those who are the most productive, keep cap gains rate as is, give tax credits to business who hire, do away the pork ear mark process and say yes to term limits, support a line item vetoand finally as part of health care reform support efforts to cap damages awards as part or tort reform(I am sure this would be on the top of his agenda). Instead of, giving billions to GM, Chrysler, and their union buddies who are largely responsible for running the company in the ground. No more bailouts for the banks and Goldman Sachs, either. One more thing Cal, if you are going to win, you'll have to come up with something other than Burr's Skoal habit as a criticism.....don't forget tobacco still pays a lot of folks bills.

Burr's record

"Cunningham made no mention of his Democratic opponents, but said that Burr is "a symbol of what is wrong in Washington" including the gridlock. He said that Burr had very little to show for his five years in the Senate."

Republicans have been completely shut out of every debate in the house and senate since Obama took office, so the only thing that any republican could accomplish for the last year was to try and stop Obama's socialist train wreck. I actually give them a lot of credit - they have done way better than I expected at that, although I don't think they could have done it without the response from the public.

Burr takes a pragmatic approach to issues and has represented the state well, in spite of the lack of a republican majority for the last 4 years. The mainstream press will never report that, but I believe that it will become clear during the campaign. And looking forward to the debates. He completely shredded Erskine Bowles in their last debate.

In order to create JOBS, you have to get government out the way!


get the government OUT of our bizness, and watch us prosper again!

Lawyer Democrat

Ok, two days and two Democrat Lawyers have filed for the Senate seat. Nothing ever changes, just the names and faces. I guess Ruffin Poole and Mike Easley will sign up next.

Refuse franking privileges?

Will he agree to save taxpayer money by refusing franking privileges?

Is he a Constitutionalist?

Is he a member of ? Lewis? Williams? Marshall?

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