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Cunningham, Lewis pick up endorsements

It's official. The N.C. Association of Educators has backed Cal Cunningham and former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt is backing Ken Lewis.

The NCAE announced that 83 percent of its membership voted to ratify the endorsement recommendation of its government relations committee, Rob Christensen reports.

"Cal Cunningham is clearly the candidate who will fight for public education in North Carolina as a U.S. Senator," said Sheri Strickland, NCAE president. The committee had recommended backing Cunningham in the May 4th primary by an 18-1 vote.

Meanwhile, Gantt, the two-time Senate Democratic nominee, backed Lewis.

“I told Ken, to show me a campaign that can win not just in May but in November and I would get behind that campaign 100 percent,” Gantt said in a statement. “Today, Ken Lewis has proven that he can mount such a campaign and finish the job we started two decades ago.”


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Only blacks? I didn't get a

Only blacks? I didn't get a close look but Wib Gulley and Kevin Foy did not look black to me. Also, a lot of white folks in the DFO crowd. Maybe when people hear Plastic Cal vs Ken they realize they want the guy who actually has experience creating jobs here in North Carolina.

Hey Harvey, denial isn't just a river in Egypt

Are we really supposed to believe that Harvey Gantt has examined Ken Lewis' mess of a campaign and honestly thinks it's a serious, winning effort?

By the way, why are only blacks endorsing Ken Lewis? As a matter of fact, why are *all* the black Democrats in this state endorsing Lewis?

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