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Cunningham, Lewis gaining in new Senate poll

Cal Cunningham and Kenneth Lewis are gaining ground on Elaine Marshall in the race for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, according to a new poll.

Public Policy Polling asked 420 likely Democratic primary voters who they would pick for the nomination and 20 percent chose Marshall, the Secretary of State, while 16 percent chose Cunningham, a Lexington lawyer and 11 percent chose Lewis, a Chapel Hill lawyer. 

The other Democrats running, Susan Harris, Marcus Williams and Ann Worthy combined for 6 percent while 47 percent have not yet made up their minds.

The news, though is that Cunningham and Lewis have made up a lot of ground. Last month, Marshall had 29 percent of the vote while Cunningham had 12 and Lewis had 5 percent.

The movement in the polls comes before the Democrats have started their advertising campaigns. PPP's Tom Jensen notes that all three major Democrats still appear to be unknown to most voters. 

"For all intents and purposes this is likely to be a two or three week campaign in late April/early May when the candidates go on the air and the voters start getting more exposure to them and really thinking about the primary," Jensen said in a news release. "There's a plausible path to victory for all three of the front runners."

The margin of error of the March 12-15 survey was 4.8 percentage points.


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Has Cal decided whether he's a constitutionalist yet or not?

why wont he answer such a simple question?

Cunningham Commission

Cal Cunningham's solid work prosecuting corrupt military contractors reminds me of the Truman Commission during World War II. In both cases we have dedicated, honest, inspired public servants protecting our troops and our tax dollars by making sure that private contractors aren't skimming off the top of our defense appropriations. I remain convinced that Cal Cunningham is the best candidate in this year's election for the U.S. Senate, and I hope that he will parlay his experience as a military prosecutor into a more comprehensive discussion of appropriate safeguards against corrupt contractors.

If Burr was a real leader, if he was really looking out for North Carolinians and our loved ones who are serving in the armed forces, he would have addressed this issue already. Instead, he seems unconcerned that big corporations have swindled taxpayes, provided inferior material to our troops, and ultimately frustrated our foreign policy. Shame on Richard Burr.

the momentum

I predict that by the time the primary election rolls around the DSCCCC will have made Cal more popular than Elvis. The others in the race will be covered in dust as Cal races to stardom.

You don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.

We all know how the story ends but elections are fun for those who don't get out much.

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