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Council backs Obama

Jeanette Council has endorsed Barack Obama.

The Cumberland County commissioner, who is a Democratic Party superdelegate, told the Fayetteville Observer that she was backing Obama.

"I would have no problem voting for either of the two," she said. "But of the two, I think Barack Obama is the better candidate."

Earlier, she told the newspaper that she was not sure if she would make a decision before Election Day

The announcement brings Obama's North Carolina superdelegate count to seven. Rival Hillary Clinton has two. 

Previously: Council spotted at Obama event in Fayetteville. 


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Re: Council backs Obama

It's one thing to be such a strong supporter of Clinton that you would never vote for Obama but it is quite another to do so on the basis of flat out lies about the National Anthem and the Flag. If Mrs Clinton is the unifier you claim her to be, she will have you voting for Mr Obama in November should he become the nominee.

Re: Council backs Obama

I think Ms. Council has made a grave error in judgment in thinking that Senator Obama can win against John McCain in November. I do not understand how a man who wants to change our National Anthem and who has stated pubic-ally that he does not respect our flag is the better candidate. He has no experience that qualifies him to be President of this country, especially when you compare him to the many years of experience and exposure to the job itself as Mrs. Clinton has had. We certainly do not need a president who needs to be schooled in the process in the Oval Office and it amazes me that there seems to be so many people who are not getting this. Nominating Obama is NOT going to unify the Democratic party...that's not what the voters care about anyway. We care about having the best person for the job in the White House and that person by far is Hillary Clinton.
Ms. Council, I firmly believe and I urge you to CHANGE YOUR VOTE and place your trust and support in Hillary Clinton. By supporting senator Obama you are putting John McCain in the White house for the next 4 years.

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