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Cooper appoints former appeals judge as temporary head of SBI lab

Attorney General Roy Cooper announced that he has appointed the former chief judge of the N.C. Court of Appeals to run the State Bureau of Investigation's lab on an interim basis.

Gerald Arnold will be in charge of ensuring that all divisions of the lab turned over all the evidence they were required to. An audit of the lab's serology section found that agents were not turning over complete results of their testing.

"This was then, and is now, unacceptable," Cooper said. "It is critical that Judge Arnold take a good, thorough look. If problems are found they will be fixed."

Arnold served on the Court of Appeals for 22 years and was the former president of Lawyers Mutual Liability Insurance.

"I expect him to provide an unbiased, independent look at these issues," Cooper said.


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With all of the universities

With all of the universities in the Raleigh area, you would think that the AG could have found a scientist, such as a retired professor or retired dean, to run the lab, either as an interim director or full-time director.  There is a legitimate argument that the lab needs to be affiliated with a law enforcement agency, but it needs to be run by a scientist, not a law enforcement officer, not a lawyer, not a judge.  All lab conclusions need to be based on solid science, nothing more and nothing less.

Don't know the man, but has

Don't know the man, but has some serious credentials. The problem is I don't see where there is any experience related to running anything that has to do with a lab. You would think with the amount of money this is going to cost, they would have hired someone with qualifications that pertain to the position.

You're kinda late Roy.

You're kinda late Roy.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 years

You're kinda late Roy.

An excellent choice

Judge Arnold is a great choice for the job. He brings a wealth of experience and a no nonsense approach to any job he tackles. He will do a fine job as the interim head of the agency giving time for a national search for a new director.

another darn lawyer

another darn lawyer, cooper is an idiot



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