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Cooper 41, Burr 37

A new poll shows Roy Cooper ahead in 2010.

The survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling showed the Democratic attorney general with 41 percent support over Republican Sen. Richard Burr, who had 37 percent.

Cooper has not yet said whether he will run, but he is widely considered the frontrunner among potential Democratic candidates. A recent Civitas poll found Cooper leading Burr 41-38.

The poll also found Burr had a 35/31 percent favorable/unfavorable rating, compared to 41/20 for Cooper.

"If Roy Cooper enters the race for US Senate this race automatically becomes a tossup, if not even slightly Democratic leaning," said president Dean Debnam in a statement.

The poll also found Burr leading Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre, 39-34.

The automated survey of 979 registered voters was taken from April 8-11. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.


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Re: Cooper 41, Burr 37

Thank you!

I am glad that there is someone with common sense on this message board.

Gosh, James and Scharrison are sitting in a room planning how they can fabricate more about Burr, then rewarding themselves with "reach left and tug."

Re: Cooper 41, Burr 37

WOW, more pole numbers. When does senator cooper start his new job, or does he have to ask andy griffith. These poll numbers are worth about as much as GM stock. My meaning is this, this election coming up in 2010 is not about cooper or burr. It will be about the state of our ecomony, if obama's plan works cooper will win by a landslide. However if the plan don't work lookout here come the republicans back to take control of the house and senate. Basic politic 101, this country votes its pocketbook if they are hungry, if everthing is going great they vote for their moral values.

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