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Conservative group makes big TV drop against McIntyre

Americans for Prosperity this morning began a $100,000 independent TV ad buy directed against 7th District Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre.

The new TV ad ties McIntyre to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and says the $787 billion stimulus bill has been a bust. 

“They promised it would kick start the economy,” says the announcer. “It didn't. They promised it would lower unemployment. But we've lost 4 million more jobs.”

The ad asks what taxpayers have got in return from the Obama-Pelosi “stimulus boondoggle” that McIntyre voted for besides “bigger government. trillions in debt. millions in lost jobs.”

Americans for Prosperity is a national conservative organization, that is running a Novmber is Coming initiative to elect conservatives to office. Raleigh business executive Art Pope is one of four national directors of the group.

A long time political associate of Pope, former state Republican Party chairman Jack Hawke, is a key strategist for the campaign of McIntyre's opponent, Republican Ilario Pantano

Pantano's campaign announced Friday that it has raised $850,000 since entering the race in January including $464,000 in the last quarter.

But the question is whether Pantano's campaign has peaked too early.  The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee recently released a poll showing McIntyre building on his lead.

And the word on the street is that the Pantano campaign has been worried enough that it has been shopping around for a new media consultant for the final weeks of the campaign.


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Pantano machine-gunned 2 Iraqis and desecrated their corpses

There is no disputing these 2 facts -- because, Ilario Pantano himself does not dispute them.  

  1. Pantano machine-gunned 2 un-armed Iraqis, and
  2. Pantano desecrated their corpses.  

How many Marines want Pantano to represent the Corps in Congress?  Not many, that's how many.  No way, no how should he represent the Corps in Congress with his record.

Democrackkks LIE constantly...LIES are all they have ...

Even the most Christian Congressman Heath Shuler is using LIES in his TV ads

against his challenger.  Democrackkks will stop at nothing as they grasp for

their lifejackets...

Left some facts out there didn't ya Malleus....

Let's see, the main witness against was a disgruntled Marine who had been demoted by Pantano.  In fact, this guy gave 5 different stories, and at one point was read his Miranda Rights while on the stand... left that out, didn't you...

Also, the autopsy showed Pantano story was consistent with the insurgents wounds.  Left that out too...

I have seen your cute little Democratic website on Pantano.  It is such a hack job it is no wonder comments are turned off.  Dems do not typically tolerate free speech.  And we all know it's the Dems who would have our Marines get shot first, and ask questions later.

You are a liar.  You leave so many facts out I almost think you must work for the N&O.  Real Clear Politics shows NC-7 as a toss-up, haha!

Pantano gives Marines a bad name

Ilario Pantano better be running scared, because the people found out about his gruesome service record. Pantano killed 2 unarmed Iraqi civilians then he mutilated their corpses -- and he does not deny it.  Marines wanted to see him prosecuted for premeditated murder, but they decided to let him resign immediately as punishment for desecrating the corpses of the 2 unarmed Iraqis he killed.  Pantano is a disgrace to the US Marine Corps and he would bring shame on the people of North Carolina if he gets elected.

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