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Conservative group uses 'death tax' as fundraising tactic

UPDATED: It's an election year -- and you know what that means: the resurgence of the "death tax" debate. The conservative Civitas Institute sent a missive last week to supporters reviving the debate ahead of the legislative short session, saying it's time "to have a fact-based conservation about a confiscatory and immoral tax that is destroying jobs all across our state and country."

Screaming for "immediate and urgent help," the email asked supporters to donate to Citivas as the group puts pressures on the state legislature's Revenue Laws Study Committee to amend the estate tax, which levies against assets transfered upon a person's death. The email says Gov. Bev Perdue and Democratic lawmakers want to decrease the $5 million estate tax asset exemption to $1 million -- "just like Obama and Pelosi." (The federal exemption level will change to $1 million in 2013. Read more about it here.)

What it doesn't mention: Republicans control the N.C. General Assembly -- but even top GOP lawmakers are reticent to make a move at this point.


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death tax

The wording of this piece denigrates the issue of the death tax as an issue.

During an election year all prominent issues rise to the surface.  I do not see how the fact that the death tax does the same should in any way diminish its importance as an issue.

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