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Conservative group lists ambitious agenda for GOP legislature

Americans for Prosperity is pushing for a full slate of what it calls "free market" policies in the upcoming legislative session -- including a constitutional amendment to limit government spending.

Dallas Woodhouse, the state director for the conservative group, said he expects much of the agenda to win approval given the supermajority Republican legislature -- one he views as more conservative than the previous session under GOP control. "We like our options better than when (Democrats where in control), there's no doubt about it," he said.

Other items on the 22-point agenda: lower income taxes and abolishing corporate taxes; dedicate all lottery money to school construction or abolish it; constitutional amendment to pan public employee collective bargaining; a block on a state healthcare exchange; end taxpayer-subsidized campaign money; and reforming the Wake County school board elections. See the full list below.

AFP's goals include:

--Passage of the state budget without tax increases;

--Lower overall tax burden in North Carolina;

--Support for Constitutional Spending Limits that could include: Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) that would limit government spending to the increase in population and inflation and/or legislative supermajority requirement to raise taxes;

--Keeping North Carolina as a “Right to Work State,” by implementing it into the state constitution along with the state’s ban on public employee collective bargaining;

--Dedicating all North Carolina Education Lottery revenue to school construction; or support ending all state-run gambling;

--Elimination of North Carolina’s Estate Tax – also called the “Death Tax”;

--Promotion of legislation that allows for the exploration and production of North Carolina’s energy resources;

--Advocating a “rollback” of North Carolina’s Renewable Portfolio Standard;

--Blocking the creation of a North Carolina Healthcare Exchange;

--Allowing the purchase of health insurance from any state;

--Passage of legislation to get the state of North Carolina out of the liquor business;

--Ending all “welfare for politicians”, known as taxpayer-funded elections;

--Protecting free and political speech rights by deregulating campaign speech;

--Ending the Golden Leaf Foundation;

--Converting the Tax Credit for Children with Disabilities into a refundable tax credit;

--Increasing the number of non-public school choice options available to parents;

--Repeal of the corporate income tax and elimination of all corporate welfare;

--Simplifying and lowering individual income taxes;

--Promoting the elimination of redundant committees and commissions in order to shrink the size of government in North Carolina;

--Expanding recently passed tort reforms, including “loser pays”;

--Reforming the Wake County School Board Elections to include At-Large Elections; and

--In general, greatly reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and citizens.

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