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Price calls for mental health, gun reforms in the wake of school shooting

In a floor speech on Wednesday, Rep. David Price, a Democrat representing the 4th District, said there should be a dialogue on mental health and gun policies in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn. 

Price's full remarks:

“Mr. Speaker We have experiences in our personal and collective lives that challenge us profoundly, forcing us to search our souls and to change our behavior.  Our nation experienced such a moment on Friday, as twenty children were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School, along with six teachers and administrators who were attempting to protect them.

“As we mourn and reach out to the families of Newtown, we owe the victims—and each other—serious consideration of how to prevent more Newtowns, and Auroras, and Oak Creeks, and Tucsons.  We must shore up mental health outreach and support, especially for troubled young people.  And as politically difficult as it may be, we must deal with the instruments of destruction—keeping deadly weapons out of the hands of violent and deranged people, and removing weapons of mass killing from our streets. The horror of Sandy Hook must overcome any temptation to accept the unacceptable or to avoid responsibility for addressing the crying need for change.”


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Tennessee used to be part of NC

Richardfoc, Repeal the Cession Act of 1789 and we get Tennessee back. Then David Price can be a native North Carolinian

Some points

1. In this case the Gun laws worked. He tried to buy one and was stopped. That’s as far as any Gun Control Law could have gone.

2. The mental health care system in this country is a disgrace at best and will only continue to degrade now that the Feds are in charge of all health care.

3. "Seal Team 6 did not kill Osama bin Laden Guns did" - said no one ever.

4. Evil men do evil things; Good men try to stop them. The tools may be the same but the outcomes are different and it is outcomes that count not good intentions.

5. How many would have died if he stole a gasoline tanker and drove it into the school at 60 mph?

6. The bill of rights does not grant rights it limits the power of Government. Indeed the Constitution does not grant a single right it merely recognizes rights that we have as human beings. The purpose of the second amendment is to guarantee “… that this nation conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all (wo)men are created equal ... and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” You may disagree with that but if we lose the 2nd the 1st won’t be far behind.

Perfect Solutions

I think we can definitely agree that we hope gun control will yield better results than the war on drugs. We can't stop them all, but if we could stop even one instance of slaughtering children, it's worth the effort. Complete success can't happen, we all know that. But we have to try, and any reduction is better than not trying.

There are no perfect solutions

Certainly we can try but I only hope the war on guns will be more successful than the war on drugs. And it seems to me that many drug dealers are carrying illegal weapons when they are arrested. Yet they are back on the street within hours on both charges.

I hope gun control will be more successful.


I'm amazed you know what superfluous means (of course spelling it correctly is another thing) when you obviously don't know the meaning of the word carpetbagger. Price was born in Tennessee. And until those superfluous people start voting he will continue to ably represent the 4th District no matter how much gerrymandering the legislature imposes.

There are no perfect solutions

But there is no justification for refusing to try to at least reduce this insane slaughter of children and innocents. Price is right to look at the role of mental health in gun ownership and use. Background checks are not enough - they only tell you if someone has a criminal record. Most churches require psychological and psychiatrict evaluations before letting someone become ordained clergy. Why would we not require a psychological and psychiatric evaluation before buying a gun? Surely even the strongest of advocates for gun ownership can agree to try to keep weapons out of the hands of crazy people,

Government gun control

If the government does as good a job controlling guns as they do illegal drugs I'm guessing they will become more available, not less.

I got to say that illegal drugs seem to be pretty well available anywhere..........even with all the billions spent trying to stop it.

What will make the government do better with guns than drugs?

Price is an embarassment

This man only represents Duke University, Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Any other people in the district are superflous.  He is nothing but an anti-gun, liberal carpetbagger.

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