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Congressman McIntyre to get boost from national party in 2014

National Democrats are launching a plan today to save vulnerable incumbents like North Carolina's Mike McIntyre.

In a program dubbed "Frontline," the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will target 26 districts to help boost its lawmakers as part of a strategy to win the U.S. House in the 2014 elections. As described in a Politico report, the effort will give the incumbents advice on strategy, get-out-the-vote efforts and fundraising.

From the article: "Four in the Frontline program — North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre, Georgia Rep. John Barrow, Texas Rep. Pete Gallego and Utah Rep. Jim Matheson — are members of the beleaguered Blue Dog Coalition, a group of conservative Democrats that has seen its ranks plummet over the past two elections.

Republicans waged vigorous campaigns against McIntyre, Barrow and Matheson in 2012 and are expected to again in 2014. McIntyre and Matheson’s victory margins over their GOP opponents were among the smallest in the country.

Israel said the DCCC took a hard look at every House member’s political standing to determine who should be on the Frontline list. More incumbents, he said, could be added in the future."

McIntyre narrowly won re-election in 2012, besting former state Sen. David Rouzer. This time it appears he may face a primary challenger and another Rouzer run.


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Sadly - not worth saving

Congressman McIntyre - not worth saving. Wrong on health care reform, wrong on choice and women's rights, wrong on the environment.

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