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Coleman's successor in House

A former Wake County commissioner candidate may be appointed to the state House.

The Independent Weekly reports on its Triangulator blog that Don Mial, who ran unsuccessfully for the county board in 2006 and currently serves as vice chair of the Wake County Democratic Party, may be appointed to replace Rep. Linda Coleman.

Gov. Beverly Perdue recently appointed Coleman head of the Office of State Personnel.

Party officials in Coleman's district will nominate Coleman's successor.

The alternative weekly also named former Knightdale Mayor Jeanne Bonds, mental health activist Ann Akland and advocate Bridgette Burge as possible nominees, although Akland and Burge said they're not candidates.


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Re: Coleman's successor in House

I agree. Doris Weaver needs to call all of these folks. Mayor Bonds name is being floated by high ranking Democrats. She can win this district and she is hearing from the people. We need to hear from all of them before decisions are made. We need to pick the person who can win this seat. She has spent her life working statewide and knows the state well which helps our district since she comes in with a track record, and years of experience with the legislature.

Re: Coleman's successor in House

As to a meeting of all contenders, I agree. I got the names of those listed from party officials. As I said, I do not live in that District.

I think we can count on Doris Weaver, Party Chair, to be fair in this selection process.

Re: Coleman's successor in House

Sam Brewer ran in House 40 and does not live in House 39. I think it was Darren Jackson who ran previously and lost, not Daryl. James Roberson is brand new on the Knightdale Council and I have never heard of Daron Stroud.

Bonds served nine years in Knightdale, and eastern wake county is the bulk of this district.

I would hope the party is calling each person and asking them to appear at a meeting so we can see who will retain this seat in the future.

Re: Coleman's successor in House--other possible contenders

While the Independent mentions only four possible contenders for the nomination by the Democrats in District 39, I have heard some others. I had not heard about Jeanne Bonds, but I did hear about Knightdale Town Council member James Roberson; Darryl Jackson, a former candidate for the seat; Daron Stroud; and Sam Brewer, a Garner attorney.

I don't live in the district and I am not supporting any candidate. Just thought everyone in the competition should get announced, and not just the few mentioned in the Independent article.

Re: Coleman's successor in House

Former Mayor Jeanne Bonds is the perfect pick. She was tagged in 1996 by the party to run for this seat but decided not to run. She did a great job for us in Knightdale and I was on her committee each time she ran for Council. She is solid, well spoken, smart and a relentless advocate for whoever or whatever she represents. This is a no brainer. She can fundraise, legislate and she works across party lines so well, she would possibly not have an opponent. We need to get her to do this. Our district needs common sense, smart and dedicated representation. Come on Mayor Jeanne Bonds - We need you!
The state employees in this district need you. You were one of us.

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