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Coalition calls for collective bargaining for state workers

A coalition of labor, civil rights and religious groups rallied in front of the General Assembly offices today to call for an end to North Carolina's ban on public employees' collective bargaining and to resist balancing the state budget at the expense of public sector jobs and programs.

The rally drew about 100 supporters who listened to several speakers representing labor, churches and the NAACP, staff writer Craig Jarvis reports. About two dozen people staged a counter-protest across across the street in Bicentennial Plaza, shouting and chanting throughout the rally.

Both sides cited the public employees' union standoff in Wisconsin, where that state's governor has proposed to reduce public employee's pay and benefits and to limit their collective-bargaining rights.

"In North Carolina and the rest of the Southern states, we are denied collective bargaining," Saladin Muhammad of the International Workers Justice Campaign and UE Local 150 North Carolina Public Service Workers Union. "That came out of a period called Jim Crow."

Coalition members filed into the Legislative Building to present copies of the call for a repeal on the bargaining prohibition to the offices of Sen. Phil Berger, pro tem of the Senate and to Rep. Tom Tillis, speaker of the house. Tillis briefly greeted rally leaders and agreed to schedule a time for a more substantial meeting.

North Carolina and Virginia are the only states that have a complete ban on public employee collective bargaining.

Randy Dye of Pittsboro, one of the counter-protesters, said the network of Triangle conservative organizations only heard about the rally 24 hours earlier, and didn't have enough time to mount a larger presence. "We wanted to face off with them," he said.

The conservative protesters carried signs reading "Unions -- Too Big, Too Costly" and "Wisconsin: Pass the Bill." They shouted "freeloaders!" and chanted "U.S.A"  

The other side countered with their own chants, including "People's budget! People's budget!"


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Great timing by the SEIU or

Great timing by the SEIU or whatever they're called.  I'm worried if my co-workers are going to be forced to retire or newer workers laid off and they want to protest for collective bargaining.

Dana Cope needs to call off the dogs on this one.  Its a non-starter.

Spiro, can you spell NCAE?

As a retired state employee, I ALSO see evidence here of a problem I noticed as a result of the self-proclaimed and advanced, so called teachers union. Although we've got some great teachers in this state there are more than a few that are protected when they shouldn't have been...shoot, some of them should never have been hired! And the good ones SHOULD be paid more! NO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING for people paid for by the taxpayer, PERIOD! "Demonations?" By the way, we also have some great state employees as well as SOME that should have never been hired! Unions WERE necessary. But not as much now...unless you believe in paying TWO sets of overhead (bosses)! Let that wasted money go to the people who ACTUALLY DO the job!

As a state employee, these

As a state employee, these people are representing my interests.

Count me out

As as state employee these people aren't representing me, they're representing their own interests.

I counted at least 14

I counted at least 14 spelling or grammatical errors in this message. How I am supposed to take you seriously on any sort of analytical premise when you present yourself with a command of English I'd expect from a 6th grader?

I also highly doubt you know anything about "religeon" or "demonations." Jesus was a big fan of social justice, despite whatever misguided distortion of the Bible you were brought up to believe. 

You are right the coalition

You are right the coalition is not made up of state employees.. They say it is religious leaders in part..Of what religeon is questionable.. most christian denomations that I know are trying to save souls. and not involved with Rabble Rousers with some pretence of some imagined wrong.

Unions could be okay

As long as membership in the union does not become a condition of employment (i.e. the right to work is respected), employees should be allowed to organize.  It just has to remain voluntary.

You made all of that up. - reply

There are teachers that make more than 100,000.  I have a sister in law in NY that makes more than that.  It easy to find this info on the web, since they are public employees.  Here is one web site you can go to see it..


I never liked unions,  but if not for unions, well specifically if not for the power of people to collectively bargain,  many companies would still pay workers the lowest possible wage.  I think unions were a good idea gone bad when they got bloated and greedy.  Still many people dont know that nc public workers have fewer job protections than most states and than most private workers.  Read the labor and wages posrer posted on most job sites- if you read carefully it clearly says that most of the protections dont apply to public workers. I know that when public ( state ) workers call nc dept of labor with legitimate safety complaints, nc labor simply calls and writes the employer, it does not send anyone to investigate. Also public workers do have so called grievance rights when they feel they have been done wrong,  but the grievance goes right to the person that did them wrong in the first place. I have seen some outrageous, bullying behavior by state management to try to silence employees from speaking out.  All told I think unions might be a necessary evil

Can a teacher explain the employment system for teachers

This what I have found out. NC does not have unions. They have associations with little power.

Teachers work for a specific school. It is up to themselves to get the position. The staff at the school make the hire decisions.

What does it say on your check (employer)? Who pays you? The school or wake country?

Other sources say the average teacher pay is $52k in the disputed wis area. They do not say the average cost of benefits for these teachers. The wis governor only wants to take away CB for benfits. Not base salary.


Here is the link to the $100K Salary

I WILL USE CAPS AS I PLEASE.  If you NOTICE the pictures in the N&O are showing the ORGANIZERS carrying BULLHORNS so THEY can drown out opposition.

Here is the article.  I do NOT lie nor do I distort facts.  HOWEVER, I will admit that I SAW the HEADLINE and did not read it.  The $100K INCLUDES BENEFITS.  You will recall that the HIGH UNION SALARIES of the Auto Workers is what forced GM into Bankruptcy...and several of the Retirement Accounts in MANY states took a hit.

Average MPS Teacher Compensation Tops $100k/year

[Milwaukee, Wisconsin] MacIver News Service – For the first time in history, the average annual compensation for a teacher in the Milwaukee Public School system will exceed $100,000. 

That staggering figure was revealed last night at a meeting of the MPS School Board.

The average salary for an MPS teacher is $56,500. When fringe benefits are factored in, the annual compensation will be $100,005 in 2011.

MacIver’s Bill Osmulski has more in this video report. 

Google $100K Wisconsin Teachers Salary and follow the links.

Collective Bargaining

NC Legislature should fund the Performance Management program and hold the evaluations as the way to weed out the Seanc employees. They only represent a small percentage of state employees and make sure to schedule their state meetings to exclude  members from all but the eastern part of the state. Don't  let the voice of a few damage the performance and rewards for the rest.

You made all of that up.

You made all of that up. There is no state in the union where teacher pay averages $100k. The latest figures I found (though 2008) from the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel lists an average salary of $49,051.

That makes you a liar. I don't care what your opinion is.... you are a liar. You can't even argue with basic facts. I'm sure your stupid factory anecdote is also another made-up lie. You are a detestable person who will invent facts to support your stupid, unfounded beliefs. Do us all a favor and shut up until you can use even a minimum level of reason, and STOP TYING IN CAPS. 


Unions don't believe in free speech, except their own.   Unions don't believe in FREE enterprise, only enterprise that they can blackmail into allowing a union to tell them how to run their company (into the ground).  Unions are the antithesis of a free market, they destroy the ability of labor to react to changing economic situations. 

Look at all the major industries that unions have ruined.  Air Lines, Steel, General Motors.  Pick any of them and watch the union destroy the viability of the company and then the union thugs complain because the company goes out of business.

Bottom line, unions kill jobs.

The very last thing this state needs is an infestation of unions

No unions, period.  

Yes indeed,

look what unions have done for America: steel industry gone, textile industry gone, furniture industry practically gone and auto industry going.....not to mention the secondary support manufacturers of these industries.


I'm a state employee.  I've been a state employee for over 15 years.  If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit most state employees are paid fairly when compared to private sector jobs.  Of course, some are not paid fairly and some are paid far more than their skills demand.

Rather than argue left versus right or Republican versus Democrat, take a hard look at unions before casting judgement.  In most cases, unions have destroyed the company or industry they exist in.  Having been a member of an auto union before becoming a state employee, I can tell you the union's only interest is the union.... not the company or industry they represent. So, the union continually demands more pay and more benefits (who wouldn't) while becoming bigger, more powerful, and richer... meanwhile the company is powerless to make sound business decisions thus eventually being destroyed.

Unions are a relic of the past.  While once needed, there really isn't any place for them now.  Of course, if an employee is mistreated, we already have laws that can be used to address these cases.  It isn't someone's "right" to work for the state of NC or any other business.   If you don't like the rules, regulations, or decisions being made, any state employee that disagrees can find work elsewhere.

Flash Point. Unions Vs Tax Payers

Libs are very scared that what is going on in wis will spread all over the country.

Collective Bargaining & Strikes are privledges granted by gov's. And can be taken away by gov.

Does this mean rev bieber will stop picking on the wake boe for a while. Where does he get his money???

How many biebers does it take to add up to the weight of a barberino?? 5, 6, 7, 8?

Not State Employees

Please keep in mind this "coalition" is NOT made up of State Employees. The majority of state employees in NC understand the state's budget situation are only hoping to keep their jobs. Groups like this as well as the paid hell raisers shipped in to protest only claim to do so on behalf of state employees.

Maybe we ought to look at this a little CLOSER

Let's see if I understand this correctly.  The AVERAGE teacher in Wisconsin makes $100,000 per year....and that is NOT including BENEFITS.  The State has NO FUNDS to pay all of them, so instead of laying many of them off, they are backing down on the benefits and also the extremely HIGH yearly increases, which are based on Seniority and NOT MERIT.

It will cost EACH Teacher around $3,000 and their compensation will then be $97,000.

BUT, the UNION is distraught....and MAYBE if they revoke the laws in place, MANY of the Unions will be DECERTIFIED.  That means NO MORE UNION DUES.....which eliminates a LOT OF UNION PAID JOBS. 


AND NOW, these same folks who are SHUTTING DOWN the schools in Wisconsin and issuing FAKE SICK SLIPS wants NC to JOIN THE PARTY.

I had the assignment to tear down a building in Minnesoto several years ago.  We bought a factory.  The payroll showed 250 employess.  Turns out, the REAL payroll was 425.  YEP, there were 175 on Workman's Compensation.  They went to a Union Doctor every week and got their SICK SLIP punched.  Meanwhile, they hunted, fished, rode snowmobiles, rode Skidoo's, bowled, drank a lot of beer, etc.  When we calculated the Workmans Compensation cost, we threw in the towel.  Shut down the factory and moved it SOUTH and tore down the building.

THAT is what the folks want NC to turn into.

The ignorance of these

The ignorance of these people is amazing. Capitolism should not be used when referring to the government the government is not in business and should not be, furthermore, democracy is at work, we have repeatedly voted for officials who reject collective bargaining, see how it works? If a majority of the people wanted collective bargaining we would have voted in those who support it. Itsn't democracy woderful, it's sad that folks think if they show up and make fools of themselves they should get their way. Convince the populace that collective bargaining is good for NC and maybe we'll get it. But you do not have alot to go on given that all the states with unions are bankrupt.

Charlotte 2012

Will make for interesting times in the Queen City in 2012.  What has been known as a "right to work state",  attempts to solidify title of Banana Republic of NC as Dumplin and El Chairman Obie rally the hacks, cronies and union thugs. 

If you don't believe in

If you don't believe in collective bargaining, then you don't believe in either democracy or capitalism. Limiting exercises of speech is authoritarian, and eliminating the ability of labor to represent its interests is not a free market.  What I've learned from politics the past year is that corporations are "people" who deserve rights, thus public employees are obviously not people. 

Coalition calls for collective bargining.

Well it looks like Americas real enemies are making them selves known as many thought it was the susidal arabs..These people have absolutely no idea of the value of money.. And have been spoiled rotten By Democratic give aways in a swap[ for their bloc votes..What the State and Municipalites can do is file Bankruptcy and that is the end of their contracts. And if the party gets rough that is exactly what I would do.

Showdown coming ....

The Big National Showdown between Obama & His Union Cronies vs The Rest of America has been inevitable since he was elected.  It going to get nasty and scary.

Media sympathetic to Obama will paint "the unions" in a predictably sympathetic fashion.  It will "be interesting".

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