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Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

A group of Triangle-area Hillary Clinton supporters are going to D.C.

Catherine Evangelista, a full-time political volunteer who helped set up the Clinton Meetup group before the May 6 primary, said a number of Clinton supporters will leave on a chartered bus at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning to attend the Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting.

The 30-member committee will decide what to do about delegates from the Michigan and Florida primaries. The two states moved their election date up in defiance of the Democratic National Committee, which originally stripped them of all delegates.

Evangelista, 45, of Cary, says the group believes — along with Clinton — that she should receive the delegates from those states, even though no Democratic candidate campaigned in them and Barack Obama's name was not on the Michigan ballot.

"Obama talks about having judgment," she said. "He tends to focus on the fact that he didn't vote for the war, but it was his judgment to pull his name off the ballot, and my understanding is that was political positioning prior to the Iowa caucuses. ... I think that shows a little more vision and planning on her part."

She also noted that Obama aired ads in media markets neighboring Florida, so some Floridians would have seen those ads.

Evangelista, who took a year off from a job in marketing to work on political causes after a car accident, said she does not see any reason for Clinton to concede the race until Aug. 28 — the last day of the Democratic national convention.


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Re: Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

Said like a true Clinton supporter. Clinton unites.

Re: Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

The use of the word "witch" sticks on the candidate Obama who inspires such counter-productive mindsets. He does not unite. He inspires discord.

Re: Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

Go Girl, right but just go somewhere very far away............

Re: Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

Right on. Obama should have anticipated that this cold hearted witch would undermine him at every turn. Pathetic is a very good way to describe Clinton and all her cronies including her dirty old husband.
Good Riddence.

Re: Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

Right. Obama should have used his judgment to anticipate that Clinton would reneg on her agreement to use one set of rules to determine the nominee. If only Obama would have used his judgment to figure out that Clinton would try to change the rules after she started losing...

The more I hear from the Clinton camp, the more pathetic they sound.

Re: Clinton supporters heading to D.C.

You go girl!!! Clinton all the way !!!

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