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Clinton is still popular in North Carolina

When Bill Clinton returns to North Carolina on Sunday to campaign for the Democratic ticket, he will return as one of North Carolina's favorite presidents.

A survey by High Point University asked voters which president of the last 50 years they would bring back to serve as president again. Clinton was was chosen by 33 percent of North Carolinians, second only to Ronald Reagan who was picked by 35 percent.

John F. Kennedy was a distant third with 15 percent. No other president got more than 2 percent.

That was not much different from the national poll that High Point took, which had Reagan at 34 percent, Clinton at 29 percent, and Kennedy at 16 percent.


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That's right Mr. Poon!!

Your informed comments are exactly the type of factual unbiased information that I've come to expect from fellow Republicans.

Certainly nobody has more credibility than Paula Jones and the fact that none of your claims can be verified by independent sources is just further proof of liberal bias in media, government, the internet and every facet of modern life.

However, with such brilliant and insightful thinkers like you on our side I know that one day soon we will win the war of ideas and overcome the stereotype of simply being the party of ill-informed angry white males.  

Stay strong!! 


I suppose the voters have forgotten Bubba raped a woman,bloddied ones mouth and had serial affairs while in office.Can't wait for Lewinsky's tell all where it is said she claims that Bubba had numerous orgies with young interns and other young girls while in office.He lied under oath about what he did to Paula Jones and was forced to pay her $875,000 for lying about her.Lost his law license.The Nasdaq tanked under his watch and lost over 7 trillion dollars in wealth.He left Bush with one of the worst recessions in history.He had Bin Laden and did not pull the trigger which led to over 3,000 losing their lives on 9/11 just 8 months into Bush's term.Now that's a president to admire isn't it.Just proves the dems and MSM have no shame.Bubba is just another John Edwards mutiplied times 100.

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