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Clinton event cancelled

Bill Clinton will not be coming to Raleigh.

The former president is stuck on the tarmac of a New Jersey airport because of winter weather.

"They were saying the earliest he could take off is 6 p.m. and the airport wasn't even making any guarantees about that," said Bruce Thompson, a Raleigh attorney who was helping coordinate the event.

He said that the scheduled visit has already raised about $250,000, making it the largest fundraising event for Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Southeast during this campaign.

"I'm thrilled by those numbers," he said. "They exceed everybody's expectations."

The event has been rescheduled for Monday, Dec. 17, at 7:30 p.m., also at the Brier Creek Country Club. 


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Re: Why

She's not just a weird floaty head. She's a weird floaty head that looks like it might start bouncing up and down on one of those magnified scales with the words to a song appearing underneath, keeping time with the bobbing head.

It's kind of scary.

Please don't make Hillary's head do that. Keep it anchored. Please.

Re: Why

No sexist conspiracy, but I have been meaning to fix that.

Originally, they all had heads and necks, but the graphics took up too much room. Perdue and Clinton were some of the first illustrations we did because at the time it was pretty obvious they were running.

And for the record, Elizabeth Dole is also a weird floaty head.

— RTB 



Why do your illustrations of Perdue and Clinton show (pearl) necklaces and collars, while all the men are neck-less cutouts of goofy looking heads?

Re: Clinton event cancelled

may the snow keep following in N.J. !!

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