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Clinton caravan locally organized

More than 20 North Carolinians will be on the bus to Washington.

A group of Hillary Clinton supporters plans to leave on a chartered bus at 2 a.m. to rally outside the Rules & Bylaws Committee deciding the fate of delegates from Michigan and Florida tomorrow morning.

Garner resident Almedia Cruz, a Clinton volunteer who organized the caravan, said the idea came from local supporters, though the national campaign found them a nicer bus after it got wind of the trip. The new bus, which seats 55, is normally used for sports teams.

The bus will make two stops to pick up more supporters along Interstate 95. Separate buses from Charlotte and Greensboro organized by backers there are also heading to D.C. tonight.

Supporters will pay $25 to cover the cost of gas and a driver. They're bringing their own signs and T-shirts and plan to come up with some chants during the five-hour drive.

"We haven't been given any instructions at all," Cruz said. "This is not being organized by the campaign. It was organized by our people here."

She said the group is a "united front," with all members agreeing that Clinton should get the delegates she won in Michigan and Florida and fight onto the convention.

"I believe that she has suffered in the press and been terribly disrespected," she said. "I've never seen this happen before, and I think it's because of the fact that she's a female. I'm just really disheartened with our country."


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Re: Clinton caravan locally organized

'her show's been stolen by a black man!' ROFLMAO!!!

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