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Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith

Pat McCrory, a Republican candidate for governor, is airing a radio ad that looks at Fred Smith's record as a highway contractor, reports David Ingram.

What the ad says: Announcer: "Why is Fred Smith attacking Pat McCrory? When Pat McCrory urged candidates to sign a pledge honoring Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment — Republicans don’t attack other Republicans — Smith said no.

"Then Smith turns around and attacks Pat McCrory with half-truths. He says we can’t afford Pat McCrory as governor. Wait a minute. Pat McCrory vetoed tax increases, and Pat’s leadership kept operating budget spending in line with the Taxpayer Protection Act’s guidelines.

"On the other hand, Fred Smith served in the Senate when spending increased by billions. Smith attacks Pat for one over-budget construction project? Careful there, Fred. As a highway contractor, over one-third of your company’s contracts went over budget, and two thirds didn’t finish on time."

McCrory: "The difference is leadership. I’m Pat McCrory, Republican candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad."

The background: McCrory proposed in February that Republicans in the governor’s race stay positive. Smith’s campaign was the first to run a negative ad.

Research by The Charlotte Observer turned up three tax increases that McCrory vetoed. And McCrory has championed some tax increases, such as a half-cent sales tax for transit. The claim is comparable to when Smith blamed McCrory for cost overruns in Charlotte’s light-rail system, over which McCrory has no direct oversight.

Smith’s paving company has completed 14 projects with the N.C. Department of Transportation. Five finished over budget, and nine finished late. Six of the nine late projects were completed within a month of the deadline.

Is the ad accurate? While literally correct, the accusation that Smith ‘served in the Senate when spending increased’ leaves listeners with an incorrect sense of Smith’s record. He has been a consistent advocate for limited spending.


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Fred Smith Lies Video

Re: Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith

Re: Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith

The only misleading going on here is Smith playing up anti-Charlotte bias to eastern voters, a trick many have used and is the reason why the GOP gets their clock cleaned in these elections - quality candidates buried because of a huckster like Smith. McCrory has outlined a vision for the state that is far superior to anyone in either race, let's hope he can get the opportunity to execute that vision. Vote McCrory Tuesday!

McCrory misleading voters is old news.

McCrory misleading the public is old news. He's been telling folks he's tough on crime since day 1...

What do the citizens of Charlotte have to say about McCrory on crime?

See for yourself...

Re: Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith

This ad just reinforces Smith's un-electability

Re: Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith


Do you work for Mr. Smith?

Re: Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith

Both Mr. McCrory and the News & Oberver are misleading the public by stating that Mr. Smith’s company has been over budget on any projects completed for the N.C. Department of Transportation. The N.C. Department of Transportation originally estimates the costs of a project based upon predicted quantities of materials needed for the project. If the project requires more or less materials than the N.C. Department of Transportation originally estimated, the budget may exceed or be less than the original budget. Furthermore, a N.C. Department of Transportation project may be over budget simply because the N.C. Department of Transportation decides, while the project is ongoing, to expand the scope of the project. Finally, and most importantly, a complete review of projects awarded to Mr. Smith’s company by the N.C. Department of Transportation will show that since the end of 2003, Mr. Smith’s company has saved the State of North Carolina at least $14,000,000 on approximately $70,000,000 in projects awarded by the N.C. Department of Transportation, which is a 20% savings to the taxpayers of this great State, not including the one project mentioned today in the News & Observer.

Re: Claims Dept: McCrory takes on Smith

Smith wants to target McCrory for spending on things he can't control, so it's more than fair to criticize Smith's own PERSONAL shortcomings. A well-done ad.

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