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Claims Department: Gulf Coast swimming

In explaining why he was against offshore drilling in North Carolina, Cal Cunningham said he was worried that the state's coast could be ruined.

"If you've been swimming in the Gulf of Mexico where they do drill, you come out covered in oil," Cunningham said.

Your blogger is a Louisiana native with relatives on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and a frequent visitor to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Dome has never emerged from the Gulf of Mexico covered in oil.

Is the claim accurate? No

UPDATE: A Cunningham spokeswoman says that he was referring to the swimming near Galveston, Texas. Dome has never been swimming there, and cannot vouch for the quality of the water.


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Not from an offshore rig,

but Louisiana does have (even as we speak) a serious oil spill problem:

"BELLE CHASSE, La., April 13 (UPI) -- The U.S. Coast Guard said it was investigating what caused 18,000 gallons of crude oil to spill into the Delta National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana.

Crude oil from Chevron pipeline spilled into a canal April 6, contaminating roughly 160 square miles."

You probably already know this dear Dome, but us crazy tree-huggers don't want any pipelines, either.

Research oriented, Cal?

Wonder if he will read bills up for vote or just assume like he did with his oil covered swimmers story.

22 years of living on the Mississippi Gulf in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama waters and time diving the rigs. Never once did I see a drop of oil.....not once! Cal, you are some piece of work!


Wikipedia says 5 million people visit Galveston every year, and spend a billion dollars doing so. Must be terrible there.

Besides, why is Cal visiting filthy, disgusting, oil-laden beaches in Texas when North Carolina has so much to offer?

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