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Civitas: Use that $10 mil on welfare recipients not teachers

Gov. Pat McCrory’s surprising announcement Wednesday that he would not execute a newly enacted law is drawing criticism from at least one conservative group.

The Civitas Institute began Tweeting and posted a clear message on its website: “Tell Governor McCrory to enforce the law.”

McCrory said he would not let his Department of Health and Human Services begin implementing a new law that allows drug testing of welfare applicants if social workers suspect there is a reason to. McCrory had vetoed that bill, but this week the General Assembly overrode him.

The governor said the General Assembly hadn’t come up with a way to pay for the drug testing. But there is $9 million in a budget reserve that can be used for pending legislation, and this program is estimated to cost $145,000 to get up and running.

The true costs won’t be known for about a year, after the testing details are worked out. But that has no impact on the current budget.

There's also the question of a governor's authority to ignore the constitution, which requires him to carry out the law.

Civitas suggests McCrory use the $10 million he “found” to pay for bonuses for teachers who earn masters degrees and instead use it to screen welfare recipients for drugs.


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