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Civitas Institute: Time to scrap state income tax

The Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank, Tuesday released a report calling for a scrapping of the North Carolina income tax and replacing it with a consumption-based tax.

The report argues that North Carolina's current income tax system harms North Carolina's economy and a switch to a broad-based sales tax would result in an increase in the rate of personal income growth and accelerate job creation.

“Replacing the income tax with a consumption-based tax will restore North Carolina’s economic health and benefit all of our state’s citizens,” Civitas Institute President Francis DeLuca said. “Government data show that North Carolinians need more jobs and bigger paychecks, and that’s exactly what they will get with this proposal.”

The report is the opening salvo in what is likely to be a spirted debate in the legislature about overhauling the state's tax system.

The report was authored by Arduin, Laffer, & Moore Econometrics, in partnership with the Civitas Institute.

The Civitas Institute stressed that this report did not necessarily reflect the reviews of Raleigh busienssman Art Pope, who is serving as a major transition advisor to Gov.-elect Pat McCrory. Pope started the Civitas Institute.

To access the study, click here:


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Return on investment

If you are Art Pope, and you spend this much of your inheritance on the best government that money can buy, you might as well get a really big return on your investment.

He needs to become a *B*illionaire ASAP so he can hang out with the big dogs. Why contribute to paying taxes for public education, public infrastructure, public safety, public colleges and universities, public health, environmental protection, and other public goods when you can get the customers at Roses and the Dollar Store to pay consumption taxes to consume the cheap plastic crap you sell in your stores that mostly comes from China.

Then he can "tax" himself to fund the tax deductible network of "Think" tanks that employ all of the young people that will run the state on his behalf. Sweet deal if you can "get it."

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