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Chris Christie says McCrory win is a silver lining to election

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie described Pat McCrory's victory as a silver lining to last week's election.

From The Record: “The only bit of good news for the Republican Party on Tuesday night was provided by the governors,” Christie told the newspaper Monday. “We didn’t lose any incumbents, any incumbent governors and we added Pat McCrory in North Carolina – first time in 24 years North Carolina has had a Republican governor. So we’re not at 30 out of 50, that’s the highest for either party in a very long time. So I’m really pleased that Pat won.”

Christie, the vice chairman of the  made frequent trips -- three at least -- to North Carolina during the campaign to help McCrory raise money and rally support. One of his flights even cost about $13,000, campaign finance reports show.

The governor told the newspaper that he raised $30 million and visited 25 states to help about a dozen candidates.

“I think what it does is for the day it gets them a lot of attention from cameras and that’s good for them,” he said. “But in the long run is anybody walking into a voting booth in North Carolina and saying, ‘You know I wasn’t going to vote for McCrory, but now that Christie says I should vote for him I should.’ Yeah I don’t think so. I think it’s all just that I bring attention to them and that’s what they like.”

As for Mitt Romney, Christie told the paper: “I worked really hard for Mitt for a year and we became good friends and so that’s really what disappointed me."

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