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Cherie Berry blasts Perdue's 'ephiphany'

UPDATED: State Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry doesn't make headlines very often. But at the Buncombe County Republican Party Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on Saturday, she lit into Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue. From reporter Jon Ostendorff at the Asheville Citizen-Times:

State Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry was the keynote speaker. She railed against Perdue’s recent unannounced trip to Pennsylvania and her tepid support for the fracking despite vetoing a bill last year that would have required studying the issue. Fracking uses pressurized water and chemicals to extract natural gas, a method critics say harms the environment.

Berry used the story of Paul in Bible to say Perdue seemed like she was on the road to Damascus instead of Pennsylvania. "She had an epiphany (on fracking)," Berry said. Berry said Perdue's other epiphany was "she is not running for re-election. And I'm not sure if that was God communicating that to her or the polling numbers."

Walton Robinson, spokesman for the N.C. Democratic Party sent along this response: "Cherie Berry should go back to wasting taxpayer money plastering her picture inside every elevator in the state -- it is clear that she is way out of her league when it comes to actual discussion of politics and policy in North Carolina."


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Cherie Berry as keynote speaker - watch video.

Cherie Berry  was the keynote speaker at the Buncombe County 2012 Lincoln Reagan Dinner, go to www bcrsn com to watch full videos.

Uninformed voter

Sorry SusanB but you are just an uninformed voter.  The DOL works with the community colleges and appreticeship programs and workplace safety but is not in charge of creating jobs in this state.  You are uninformed.  It is funny that the Democratic party makes light of Cherie Berry's use of her picture in the elevators because those documents must be displayed on every elevator in this state.  Perhaps the NC Dem. party needs to bone up on policy. 

Cherie Berry

I have never voted for Cherie Berry, and after reading her sacreligious comments, I'm more sure than ever that I did the right thing.  What is she doing about jobs in NC?  Our unemployment rate is way over the national average.  Does she do anything?   As for fracking, in my opinion, it is foolish to solve a temporary problem with suicide -- which is what fracking would turn out to be for us.

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