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Charter school talk returns

A pro-charter school group wants to get people talking about the issue again and is trying to return a charter expansion bill to the foreground.

The legislature hit the 'pause' button on a bill intended to lift the 100-school limit on public charter schools. After the House and Senate passed vastly different versions of the bill and appointed negotiators to come up with a compromise, the whole thing went underground for nearly two months.

Parents for Educational Freedom, a group that wants more charters, has organized a news conference for Tuesday morning to bring the issue back to public attention. The only Democrat to support the House bill, Rep. Marcus Brandon of High Point, is scheduled to speak, as is Democratic Sen. Malcolm Graham of Charlotte.


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Glad to Hear It

Great. These institutions could be just what NC needs to help our education system. If it does not help the system statewide, at least it will improve the education and future opportunities for those individuals enrolled in the schools.

The only reason people (liberals) are opposed to charters is because they know that children can only benefit if their parents have the forethought to seize the opportunity for the student's betterment. They would rather see everyone be mediocre as opposed to some excelling.

To Mr. Moore, I hope you know that the bill in question is from the Senate. Yet, your comments are attacking House members.

Senate Bill 8 and its compromises are unacceptable

Under NO circumstance will we allow Tillis, Stam, Brown-R, and this new extreme ideology of the republican party to harm our state's children. This is NOT acceptable.  Senate Bill 8 and its compromises are unacceptable.
David W Moore, NCGA Dist 73, candidate 2012
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