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Charlotte candidate announces run

Robert PittengerAfter much deliberation, a Charlotte Republican has decided to run for statewide office.

Oh, we're sorry, did you think we meant Pat McCrory?

No, we're referring to state Sen. Robert Pittenger, who has been weighing a run for lieutenant governor since November.

Since then, he's aired TV issue ads, publicly weighed running, changed his campaign committee paperwork, announced he wouldn't run for the state Senate again and picked up an endorsement from former Gov. Jim Martin.

But he's not actually officially announced yet. That'll happen at a news conference Monday in Raleigh.

Four other Democrats and one other Republican, Greg Dority, are running for the post.


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Re: Charlotte candidate announces run

Yes, please nominate this individual and "The Boy Mayor" McCrory while you are at it. Please! As a resident of Charlotte, I will be laughing all the way to their DEFEAT!!

Re: Charlotte candidate announces run

Go Robert! Out of all the polticians I have met in this state, this guy is probably the most genuine. He has the right ideas and really wants to do what is best for North Carolina. I wish we had a Senate full of men like Pittenger. I agree with FFC1304, a Graham/Pittenger would be a winning combo. They are the only two, and possibly Orr, who could really sell the possibility of change. Sen. Pittenger, thank you for what you do for our state.

Re: Charlotte candidate announces run

What does Dome think about how this will affect Pat McCrory? Will Republican primary voters balk at the idea of Charlotteans in both top places on the state ballot? And will McCrory and Pittenger be competing for financial contributions from the same Charlotte donors?

Re: Charlotte candidate announces run

Dear Republicans:

As a yellow dog Democrat (or some prefer), I naturally don't ask you, my good friends on the other side of the political divide, for much.

However, I humbly make one request-

Please. Nominate. This. Man.

I beg you.


Re: Charlotte candidate announces run

He's a great choice! maybe we will have an Orr/Pittenger or Graham/Pittenger ticket for a much needed 'CHANGE' the current buzz word amongst all the lieberals...

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