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Cartoon: House Speaker Thom Tillis' pay policy

Here's Charlotte Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers' take on House Speaker Thom Tillis' severance payments to his former staffers.


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Gotta Love the Party of

Gotta Love the Party of Family Values - speaker Tillis pushing to get the marriage amendment passed while his top staffers are commiting adultery sleeping with lobbyists.

atta boy Dale!

Interesting to see where Tillis' crony- newly defeated Lt. Gov. wannabe Rep. Dale Folwell, had "no comment" about this blatant waste of taxpayer's dollars.  This from the guy who claimed he had the best business sense to run state government.  So Dale, is that how they do it in the private sector?  Since your state job ends this year, are you going to ask for a severance check?

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