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Can the GOP keep its grip on North Carolina?

Francis De Luca, a conservative thinker at the Civitias Institute, explores a question on the minds of many in the North Carolina political sphere after Republicans captured the governor's mansion, supermajorities in the state legislature and the likely the lieutenant governor's post.

Will Republicans become a lasting majority? DeLuca writes: "Republican leaders will have to work hard to make the change a lasting one, rather than just another bump in the road for NC Democrats like others over the last 30 years.

... How does this happen? The governor and legislative leaders will have to embrace bold policies that address the problems that have plagued North Carolina fiscally and educationally." Read his full column here.


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Can the GOP keep its grip on NC?

I would say yes if they avoid the mistakes of Easley and Perdue.  But most importantly the GOP should try to maintain the current leadership of the North Carolina Democratic Party.  Party HQ made it pretty easy for the GOP.

Or maybe you'll bore him to death first?

Agent Pierce, I'd say the biggest danger is John Camp will be bored to death by you first. I know the rest of us are -- isn't it time for you to choose some new useless obesssion? You're getting very one-note and you used to be two-note. Think outside the box, man!


This is the same Francis De Luca who falsely claimed that Walter Dalton was breaking the law in a campaign video and 69 days after being informed of his blunder has still not corrected his original erroneous post.

He has thus proven his ability to propagate and perpetuate lies and the Republican majority serves only to reinforce De Luca's delusional reliance on aggrandizing propagandizing.

One thing's for sure, John....

One thing's for sure, John.  You and your cronies at GangMcClatchy will do all you can every day in every way to undermine Republican "grip".  Many of your McClatchy cronies will lose their "grip" (aka jobs) before Republicans do, John.  Maybe including you.

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