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C. Clinton: None of your business

A student at N.C. State again asked Chelsea Clinton how the Lewinsky affair affected her mother.

During a question-and-answer session in the Talley Student Center, the student noted that Chelsea had recently said at another event, in response to that question, that it was "none of your business."

The student argued that since Bill Clinton had been president, it was the public's business, and he asked the question anew.

"It's none of your business," Chelsea replied, sparking a wave of applause. "I'm sure there are things in your family that you don't think are anyone's business either."

The student then started to walk out of the student center. After a pause, Clinton said that she didn't think anyone should vote for or against her mother because of her father.

The student stopped and responded to Clinton.

"I'm not leaving because of that (answer)," he said. "I have a class."


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Re: C. Clinton: None of your business

Nah. I think the Clinton campaign has figured out, rightly, that Chelsea will be applauded for exactly the response she gave. And I agree with her. Good for Chelsea for saying it then, now and next time.

Re: C. Clinton: None of your business

I would have thought the Clinton campaign would have figured this out by now. In a campaign for president, the people have the right to ask any question they want; the candidate and family members have the right to decline to answer any and all questions. The "none of your business" answer is just not the right answer.

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