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Butterfield to participate in Moral Monday protest

Democratic Congressman G. K. Butterfield of Wilson will join the Moral Monday protests at the Legislative Building to voice his opposition of the GOP-led legislature.

Butterfield, a former N.C. Supreme Court Justice, said “I've been deeply troubled by the severe and unilateral cuts being made by the Republican-led legislature in North Carolina. The cuts to health care, education and unemployment to name a few, disproportionately target low-income people, many of whom I represent in the U.S House of Representatives.''

He noted that he will be joined by many religious leaders on Monday including several Durham pastors such as the Rev. Jimmie Hawkins of Covenant Presbyterian Church and Re. William Turner of Duke University School of Divinity, and the Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove of St. John's Missionary Baptist Church.

Butterfield noted that he participated in the March on Washington in 1963.

“I have seen firsthand how peaceful, civil demonstrations can affect change,'' he said.


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health care in Rep Butterfield's district

The "cuts" to healthcare will be especially felt in Rep Butterfield's district if "tax reform" promulgated by the Republicans includes: 1) a tax on prescription medications; 2) a tax on health care services. The hospital system covering much of Rep Butterfield's district prices outpatient lab tests up to 20 times the prices of non-hospital labs using "facility codes". The prices are among the highest in the country. Imagine receiving a bill for routine labs of 1500 dollars and then having to pay the state a tax on top of that. The hospital system in Rep Butterfield's district is run by state employees who cannot afford to have their labs drawn as is by the hospital because of a 20 percent co-pay. And imagine the shock to a person without insurance as is being guaranteed by the legislature's opting out of the Medicaid expansion. The tax itself will be greater than the cost of having labs done at a non-system reference lab for doing lab tests! All this in the name of enhancing the "marketplace" and enhancing "competition" through the marketplace via "tax reform??? North Carolina is headed for health care disaster and the highest cost of health care in the country under the Republicans. They, of course, will blame it on "Obamacare".

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