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Business leaders ask lawmakers to think about jobs, not marriage

A who's who of local business leaders have delivered an open letter to state legislators this morning, urging them to stop efforts to enact a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages, unions or partnerships.

More than 75 business leaders signed the letter, which says, in part, "We write to oppose this extreme amendment because of the significant harm it will cause our state's pro-business environment, its major employers, and efforts to spur job-creation in North Carolina."

The group wrote that the amendment would adversely impact the state's workforce quality, regulations and living environment. The latter by "spurring an unnecessary and divisive 14-month political battle that would be broadcast across the country."

The signers included: Martin Eakes, CEO of Self Help and the Center for Responsible Lending; Kel Landis, a partner in Pelux Capital; Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic; Marc Noel, chairman of the Noel Group; Ryan Allis, CEO of iContact; Barbara Goodmon, president of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation; Andy and Barbara Rotchschild, principals of Scientific Properties; Gordon Grubb, CEO of Grubb Ventures; Chuck Wilson, owner and president of CT Wilson Construction; Scott Custer, CEO of Piedmont Community Bank and Joseph DeSimone, founder of Liquidia Technologies.


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Governing is more than about fulfilling one specific, zeroed task. Lawmakers cannot come into office and direct every single action at one issue. To Cobra: the state legislative GOP members did do what they said they would and what you said they should - lower taxes, shrink government. They have done both. Income taxes were reduced, sales tax was reduced, business taxes were reduced, regulations that burden business were removed, and even more were attempted to be removed, but were vetoed by the Governor.

As well, they cut the budget tremendously, which is what people state-over wanted them to do. Yet, they are being attacked for state workers losing their jobs. It cannot be both ways. Their actions since taking office in January have laid a solid groundwork for NC to once again thrive, but it will not happen in a matter of several months. It will take some time, but the policies are in place to improve our state's economic standing and create private-sector jobs.

They Can't Help It.

It seem like every time the GOP gets elected , they forget what brought them to the dance. smaller goverment & lower taxes .

This would harm job-creation!

We agree.  Focus on jobs!  NOT on abolishing same-sex marriage.

If the Republicans' ban on same-sex marriage actually passes, many cooperations will choose to locate, and to create jobs in less backward states than North Carolina.  We can't afford to lose those jobs to other states!

Throw the bums out

Does not matter.  The Tea Party's over on November 2, 2012.  The General Assembly will be tossed to the curb out in a "throw the bums out" election.

75 out of 750,000

According to the Small Business Association, there 750,000 small businesses in North Carolina. That doesn't include the medium to large businesses. That's 0.01% of business leaders signing this petition.


So we are supposed to listen to 0.01% of businesses leaders who think homosexual marriage is a good idea, and ignore the 99.99% who are against or don't have the time to voice their opinion? There is such a thing as democracy. Let the voters decide.

wrong priorities

Amen. What silliness--fiddling while Rome burns. Wake up, legislature.

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