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Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is going to Guantanamo Monday.

The Winston-Salem Republican will visit the Guantanamo Bay military base in Cuba that currently holds about 245 men on suspicion of terrorism.

He'll be joined on the day-long visit by David Vitter of Louisiana, Pat Roberts of Kansas and Sens. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who is organizing the trip.

President Obama signed an executive order calling for the closure of the prison within a year.

Spokesman Chris Walker said Burr wants to understand the "facts on the ground" before making a final decision on his thoughts on Obama's order.

"So far, he's unconvinced that moving trained terrorists to the U.S. is in the best national security interests," he said.  


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Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

You're at two strikes. One more and I'm suspending your ability to comment.

Please watch your language. 


Re: Comment deleted for historically high levels of offensivenes

I delete as few comments as I possibly can, and I've faced more criticism for not deleting enough than for deleting them.

In this case, the commenter came up with a racist nickname for the first lady and used an outdated, egregiously offensive term for the president's children. This has nothing to do with any political argument, and the fact that I only deleted the comment and did not immediately suspend the commenter's account shows that if anything I was too easy on him.


Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

Oh, Tangoz, thank heavens SOMEONE has the guts to call James on his subversive agenda to have women and children used as human shields in Gaza. I thought I was the only one really steamed about that.

I bet even you, with your keen eye for what's astir among lib'ruls, didn't know that James was also working furiously behind the scenes to promote legislation -- get this -- to provide special ultra-foam padded, silk covered prayer mats to be included in an exit package for all current detainees of Guantanamo Bay.

I kid you not. Apparently, James has been hosting a Koran study group in Chapel Hill (all sworn not to discuss the meeting times and places), and ran across an obscure passage that calls for prayer mats to bear some design attesting to the adherent's commitment. This passage was the basis for a sort of vogue in the seventies (when the hostages were taken in Iran) for marketing prayer mats with personalized embroidery. This led to competition among weavers to market status prayer mats. And how did they do it? You guessed it. Special foam padding and special silk.

Coincidence? I don't think so. James, you are SO busted.

Re: Comment deleted for historically high levels of offensivenes

Did I say something offensive about the historically high level of incompetence and buffoonery for which Dubya was and ever shall be known?

Oh dear.

Has Dome given any thought to presenting some of tangoz's "thoughts" here in cartoon panels? 'Cause I think you could illustrate 'em just right and folks would assume every word was pure parody.

Comment deleted for historically high levels of offensiveness.

Hey Ryan, can you clarify high levels of offensive? I find James Protzman offensive but I do not ask you to censor him. Was the person using vulgarities? Was the person making personal attacks? If that was true you need to censor people like Issac for the comments he uses against our past President.
I have to say you are inconsistent at best and being a supporter of Democrats I find your motives suspicious. You have my number, call me and time.

Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

Hey James I can call you a extremist also for wanting to coddle terrorists who kill innocent women and children. I bet you think it is ok for a group like Hamas to use women and children as human shields in Gaza also.

So Roberts is extreme for upholding the 2nd amendment. And soon he will have to uphold the 1st amendment when your extremist buddies try to censor talk radio. James why are you trying to subvert the US Constitution? You like giving rights to criminals and terrorists but not protect American rights. Why is that? No sir, you are the extemist.

Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

FFC1304: Thank you for the flowers. I guess the News & Edwards didn't like my comment about Shaniqua. As for the PoliPigs, I DESPISE 'em ALL.
Repugs, DemRats, not a dime's worth of difference. LIARS, THIEVES, and CROOKS, one and all.

Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

Comment deleted for historically high levels of offensiveness.


Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

PercyCution!!! LMAO!!! there's several, many, more that need to be called out in the ORIGINAL party of SLAVERY !!!

The 'party' of EMANCIPATION just elected the FIRST BLACK CHAIRMAN ! ! !

Re: Burr to visit Guantanamo Bay

Here's hoping they'll stay there...

Ummm, Richard?

A final decision on your thoughts on Obama's order is, to be generous, totally irrelevant. The Decider set the stage for unprecedented presidential authority. That die is cast. What you and the extremists you're traveling with have to say matters not in the slightest. Vitter, Roberts and Inhofe? Talk about scraping the bottom of the intellectual barrel. I sure hope your fact-finding mission isn't costing taxpayers a nickel, because it certainly won't be worth even that.

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