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Burr says Baucus plan fails

Sen. Richard Burr said the new Senate Democratic health care plan doesn't cut it.

Sen. Max Baucus on Wednesday rolled out the Senate Finance Committee plan that requires all individuals to purchase health care and prohibits insurance companies from charging more to people with more serious health problems. But it stops short of President Barack Obama's proposal for a government-run insurance plan.

"Unfortunately," Burr, a Winston-Salem Republican, said, "the proposal put forth today fails several crucial tests. In addition to increasing spending and raising taxes, it also cuts Medicare by nearly half a trillion dollars. It makes no sense to jeopardize health coverage for seniors to pay for health care reform."

The Democratic proposal would be funded by finding savings in the Medicare plan through such measures as cutting beneficiary premiums for physicians and outpatient services.

Burr also said the Democrats' plan is "not financially sustainable over the long-term" and was being rushed through Congress.


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Re: Burr says Baucus plan fails

Urbinato – I think your post actually answers itself, surprisingly enough. Aren’t states responsible for enforcing state laws? If state law is being broken, where is Attorney General Cooper? Health insurance, like just about every other form of insurance, is largely regulated by state government. If you have an issue with North Carolina law on the subject, take it up with the insurance commissioner, governor, and the general assembly. I guess it doesn't fit the narrative, though - most of them are Democrats, aren't they?

Re: Burr says Baucus plan fails

Big surprise. I think there are several others who have some questions about the Baucus plan.

Who would have ever guessed that health care reform would be controversial? I personally hope that all the senators ask questions.......even the senators I don't like.

Re: Burr says Baucus plan fails

In 2006 there was an amendment to a health insurance bill that sought to make insurance companies more responsible in following state law. Even though most states have passed a law saying that domestic violence can not be classified as a pre-existing condition, those laws are sometimes ignored. So Congress sought to address the problem. Richard Burr and 9 of his fellow GOP Senators voted AGAINST that amendment. That is correct. Richard Burr voted to allow insurance companies to continue ignoring state laws and continue to treat domestic violence as a pre-existing condition.

Re: Burr says Baucus plan fails

Big surprise. Burr doesn't like the bill. No public option, but there are still those non-profit groups that might take money away from his pals in the insurance industry. Can't have that.

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