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Burr has $3 million

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr has $3,461,445 in his campaign account.

Burr has received more than $3 million in contributions since 2007, according to federal campaign finance records. Of that amount, $1.4 million came from individual contributions and $1.2 million came from political action or other committees.

Contributors include the Associated Builders and Contractors ($5,000), a Bank of America PAC ($5,000), a Federation of American Hospitals PAC ($5,000), Thomas Mann of Raleigh, chairman of GE Insurance ($2,000), Duke Energy President James Rogers of Charlotte ($2,400) and Jerry Smith, CEO of Le Bleu water company ($2,400).

Previously: Democrat Kenneth Lewis who is running against Burr has $184,000. 


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Re: Burr has $3 million

Burr is the NC equivalent of PAC Man. But, this is trivial in contrast to the massive amount of money he will have next year - from PACs, Corporate lackeys and Lobbyists. We need to get rid of Burr, he is an embarrassment to the people who elected him.

Re: Burr has $3 million


Shouldn’t the headline read: Burr has 3.4 million. Considering that $461,445 you left off is almost 3 times the amount any of his opposition has. Just trying to be fair since you put Lewis and Marshall’s numbers up like that. Thanks.

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