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Burr goes whole hog on Eastern cue

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr might hail from the Piedmont town of Winston-Salem, but any voters wondering where he stands on the important political issue of ‘cue might wonder no more.

Burr will stand up for Eastern N.C. barbecue at a fund-raiser for himself scheduled Wednesday in Washington, reports Barb Barrett.

The "Burr-B-Q Showdown" also will feature Sens. John Cornyn of the Texas beef brisket; Kit Bond of the Kansas City style; and Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander bringing on the Memphis.

Tickets are $2,000 per political action committee and $500 per individual to help host the party; $1,000 per political action committee and $100 per individual to attend. Burr held a similar event last year.

The barbecue dinner, at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is one of several fund-raisers this month in Burr’s honor, according to the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan government watchdog group.

Last week included a breakfast and a dinner, and next month there is a golf tournament for Burr scheduled at the five-diamond Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

Burr is running for his second term in 2010.


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Re: Burr goes whole hog on Eastern cue

At least Burr is spurring the NC economy with his fundraiser - instead of traveling a long ways both philosophically and geographically like Senator Hagan's maiden voyage to Boston for the Godless American PAC.

Did anyone else with half a brain grasp the fact that in order downplay this fundraiser Hagan defended her Christianity - merely disregarding Atheism and its followers - yet the Atheists raised the most stink only to be throw to their dear Senator Hagan.

Re: Burr goes whole hog on Eastern cue

also what do you mean by five diamond Greenbrier Resort, last I heard they lost their five star rating. Still a great place though, the hot chocolate they serve in the winter months is fabulous.

Re: Burr goes whole hog on Eastern cue

Maybe they can have their BBQ next door to a huge industrial factory farm. Bring the clothespin for your nose.

Re: Burr goes . PERIOD

Are you sure they are not hosting a "cow Chip" toss??

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