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Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

Sen. Richard Burr is introducing an amendment to the economic stimulus package that would end Congress' automatic pay increases.

"As the law is currently written, Congress has to hold a vote to disapprove an automatic pay raise. As you can guess, these votes don't happen too often," Burr wrote on his Senate blog.

He added, "With every American family tightening belts in these tough times, Congress needs to follow suit."

Burr's office doesn't know whether his amendment will get a vote in the Senate.

But he isn't alone in his suggestion. Two House members, Republican Ron Paul of Texas and Democrat Harry Mitchell of Arizona, have introduced legislation blocking the pay increase next year. Mitchell also tried to get it inserted into the House version of the stimulus bill.

And just last week, fellow Sen. Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, re-introduced legislation forcing Congress to take a public vote on its increases. Feingold has long opposed the automatic pay hikes, and he says he has returned them to the Treasury since he was sworn-in in 1992.

Burr did not turn down the most recent pay increase. In January, he and other rank-and-file members of Congress received a $4,700 increase to bring their annual salaries to $174,000.

Burr's office says his amendment would apply to pay increases going forward.


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Re: Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

It's about time this happened. It will give the 27th Amendment some teeth. Currently, members the legislative branch have somewhere to hide if there is no vote. An actual vote would allow us to hold them to account at the next election.

Re: Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

oh my oh is scary to think that obama supporters really believe this man has our best interest as president. wake up or white....he has his own interest. i guarantee what ever his supporters want will be what gets done......wait ....don't think i contradicted his supporters.....i mean the ones with mulah that got him where he is at....POLITICS at its finest!

Re: Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

Interesting article...this is the CBO's report...Obama is willing to merely pass the buck to the younger generations...Thanks...

Re: Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

The day GWB took office the left was quick to pounce on every slip up and hide behind the guise of accountability. How come the inverse is unacceptable now? Kay Hagan is an elected official and is beholden to the citizens of North Carolina since we elected her. What is partisan about the observation since it is based in facts and her track record during the campaign. If she is for it, then let it be known, so the citizens of this state have the right to exercise the civic rights to contact their legislator in an attempt to change her mind. This is a democracy.

I am sure you might resort to personal attacks now, but I am merely talking about a candidate, not you.

Re: Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

facts are facts...she is yet to take a stance for the second time on this bill...remember the campaign.

And speaking down to me because of my views must be enjoyable. I do not attack you and talk about my observations. But you feel the need to make it a personal attack.


While your purely partisan opine has been duly noted with such gems as a woman's primary job is keeping her legs closed and not representing you in the Senate, I would like to take a moment to inject some reality in your manufactured outrage.

The Stimulus bill, as we speak even this Saturday, is still undergoing changes. Republicans with brains have joined Democrats to make it work. The vote will come on the final bill when it's final, not in a statement from Senator Hagan yesterday in your inbox before she even knows what the bill will say.

I'm so sorry a girl with a D by her name broke your heart all those decades ago. Perhaps you could incorporate reality into your healing process. Not just spewing this nonsense on DOME to feel better about your lot in life and your party's plight as irrelevant.

Re: Burr: Congress should feel pinch too

I am glad to see Burr is taking a public opinion, whereas, Hagan continues to evade North Carolinians and our right know how she will vote on the bailout. The clear answer is that she will vote yes, since she has been rank and file she arrived in DC, but she is merely attempting to keep the press on this issue at bay since she will vote against the wishes of most North Carolinians and Americans. Ultimately leading me to conclude that she will vote for special interest since it is clear that the Stimulus package is nothing short of a thank for the campaign assistance.

I could be proven wrong by Hagan's action, but you read it here first.

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