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Burr a top recipient of finance, insurance and real estate money

Sen. Richard Burr was one of the top recipients of contributions from the finance, insurance, and real estate sectors during the first quarter of the year, according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The analysis found that Burr, the North Carolina Republican, received $192,435 from those industry's political committees, ranking him ninth among senators, Rob Christensen reports.

The top recipient was Scott Brown, the new elected Republican from Massachusetts. Others receiving more money than Burr were New York senators Charles Schumer (Democrat) and Kirsten Gillibrand,(Democrat), Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby (Republican,) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat), Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson (Republican), Arizona Sen. John McCain (Republican) and Utah Sen. Robert Bennett (Republican).

The report noted that senators who voted against the sweeping financial regulatory reform bill last week received about 16 percent more money from the finance, insurance and real estate sectors over their careers than those who supported the measure.

Burr, like most Republicans, voted against the measure.

Burr also ranked seventh top recipient during the first quarter from commercial banks' PACS and ranked fifth in contributions from insurance industry PACs, according to the center.

The center is a nonpartisan, Washington-based organization that has been tracking political money for 25 years.


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Not really so nonpartisan

Not sure I would say CRP is exactly non partisan. Oh, they're not overtly Democratic, but they tend to emphasize the influence of business (as with the Burr contributions) over the major role played by labor unions. Or is the Burr connection a Dome analysis?

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