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Burr 58, Marshall 34

Republican Sen. Richard Burr holds a 58 to 34 percent lead over his Democratic challenger, Elaine Marshall, according to a new poll conducted for WRAL.

The poll by SurveyUSA is second in the last week to show Burr opening up a huge lead over Marshall, as the Republican continues to own the TV airwaves and Marshall runs a low visibility campaign, reports Rob Christensen.

The statewide survey of 582 likely voters, which was conducted Sept 10-13, had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points. The same poll two months ago found Burr leading by a 46 to 36.

Burr was leading not only among men, but he also held a 51 to 42 percent advantage among women. He also leads among all age groups and income and education levels and in every region except the Triangle, where he remains in a dead heat with Marshall.

Burr had a favorability rating of 36 percent and was viewed unfavorably by 26 percent. Marshall was viewed favorably by 27 percent, while 25 percent had an unfavorable view of her.

The Marshall campaign began putting out the word that it was a flawed poll that did not accurately project the state of the Senate race.

“Even with all of his money from Wall Street executives and special interests, Senator Burr can't hide from 16 years of failure in Washington D.C,” said Sam Swartz, Marshall's spokesman.

“North Carolina voters don't like the job Senator Burr's doing in Washington, and his weak numbers have shown for a over a year,” Swartz said.

By contrast, the Burr campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee made sure that reporters saw WRAL's story about the poll.


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...and Marxshall cannot hide from 16 years of failure in NC!

ROFLMAO!   giddyup there Elaine!

For a "flawed" poll...

SurveyUSA seems to have at least one fan on the left.  Nate Silver - Obama supporter, DailyKos diarist, New York Times "columnist," and guy - ranks SurveyUSA consistently high in terms of accuracy.  Like Top 3 accurate.  Which could be why WRAL pays them to do the work.

Don't call it a flawed poll, Elaine, unless you have different numbers.  It just makes you look, well, weak.  Do you ever feel bad for making Mr. Swartz say the dumb stuff he says?  His comment makes me wonder if you even read the poll or saw the WRAL story before trotting him out.  You're making him look like Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House.

What is the Marshall campaign thinking?

This is a pretty interesting take from the Marshall campaign... that they are still trying to link Burr with special interest when I read on this blog just yesterday that Kay Hagan in introducing Elaine Marshall to her special interest friends in Washington DC on October 5th.

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