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Building Code Council to revisit decision

In January, new homes will be required to have a special circuit breaker that can prevent electrical fires.

The state Building Code Council approved the change to the state's code, saying the devices would add as little as $60 to the cost of a smaller home and as much as a few hundred dollars.

"It all comes down to the value of a single life," said Kim Reitterer, a Charlotte electrical engineer on the council.

But homebuilders are fighting to repeal the requirement, calling it an unnecessary precaution that will make homes more expensive, adding as much as $1,000 to the cost of a 3,000-square-foot home.

The 17 members of the Building Code Council narrowly approved the requirement earlier this year, but a routine bill adopted by the legislature this summer included language ordering them to rethink the decision.

When the council meets early next week, it is scheduled to consider reversing the decision.

It is not clear exactly who in the legislature required the code council to revisit the issue. (N&O)


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Re: Building Code Council to revisit decision

As a Building Codes Inspector myself, I can say that this movement to tinker with national standards and reduce safety is disgusting.
The cost of these devices is not prohibitive in any way. This is the same old song that the HBA always brings up when safety is at stake. How much money would you spend to prevent a fire in YOUR home? If the citizens of NC had any idea how many times they have been "sold out" to industry it would make you scream!
One huge steaming pile of greed and improper influence was the Industrial Machinery Act. It was signed by the Governor and should never have made it out of committee. Mr. Hoyle, you should be ashamed of yourself!
Get out of the pocket of industry and do your job as a legislator and protect the citizens! You sir are either corrupt or just ignorant, I suspect the former. Thanks to the N&O for bringing this out, but MUCH more light needs to be shed on the foxes guarding the hen house in NC. I have been an inspector for 22 years and I have seen this happen too many times.
Somebody needs to look out for the public. Industry has it's own lobbyists and doesn't need cronies in the legislature.

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