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Brad Miller won't run for governor

Democratic Congressman Brad Miller said today he will not run for govenror.

“I have been an energetic and determined candidate in the past,” said Miller, who is not seeking re-election to his House seat. “Although my determination to hold elective office appears now to be in remission, I may seek elective office again. And I will certainly support other energetic and determined candidates for office.”


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100% Correct

A major key to retaining a seat in Congress is constituient services.  Most NC members of Congress never learned this.  Jesse Helms was a master at constituient services.  Bob Etheridge also did a good job, IMO, not as good as Jesse, but good.  Others in the NC delegation have been lacking for the past 20 years (my range of direct experience).  Regardless of ideology and district, help the folks back home, don't get wrapped up or drawn into in partisan fist pounding, and you can have a job for life.

Afraid of....

Obviously Brad "Mr Personality" Miller is afraid to debate the effervescent Bill Faison.   Looks like it will be up to Ichabod Etheridge.... unless ol' Dan Blue gets orders from BHO to run.

How About Congress?

Too bad Brad Miller is passing up the idea of a healthy Democratic Party primary challenge to Rep. David Price, whose office in downtown Durham maintains that people who need help with Social Security matters should go somewhere other than the congressman's office for assistance.

This bit of bureaucratic affrontery make it very hard on people who have been living on low-level incomes and cannot provide all the information required for applying online for the re-issuing of Social Security cards or for receiving other assistance related to obtaining Social Security benefits to which they are entitled.

It is really surprising that such an able and veteran congresssman as David Price, a native of the mountains of East Tennessee and educated in the mountains of Western North Carolina. and having also worked in such an important academic position as a political science professor at Duke University, would tolerate such a dismissive and haughty outlook on the part of staffers in his high-atop-a-hill downtown office on Chapel Hill Street in Durham.

You could run an entire campaign for Congress on this one issue. Any rookie congressional candidate could simply tell the voters: if you can't get the help you need from online agencies on matters involving your Social Security benefits, this district's congressional office will be prepared under new leadership to assist you!

A strong voting record on important issues in Congress is a laudable achievement, and Congressman Price has stood for many important principles and policies important to the Democratic Party and the country in general. But to neglect basic constituent services urgently needed by the people of one's own congressional district is most certainly "asking for trouble," and if this keeps up, the Republicans could give Professor Price a second sabbatical from congressional service come November.

Of course, The News & Observer won't take up such a ground-level issue as this because we're no Gary Pearce when it comes to posting political commentaries.

David P. McKnight

[Former congressional candidate in Charlotte]

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