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Bowles will not run for governor

Erskine Bowles, a former University of North Carolina president, said he will not run for governor.

“I will not be a candidate for governor,” Bowles said in a statement.

"I've spent a lot of time trying to think what is the right thing for me to do," he said. “I don't think anyone questions my love for North Carolina or my efforts to make our State a better place to live, work, or raise a family. I've done my best in this regard and I plan to continue to do so.”

“There are lots of ways to make a difference, lots of ways to add to the community woodpile. I'm excited about helping our State's and Nation's leaders move North Carolina and our Country forward.  We've got big challenges and great opportunities. I'm confident if we can get folks to put politics aside, and pull together, not apart, there are no problems we can't solve working together.”

That leaves two Democrats in the field, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton and state Rep. Bill Faison. But a raft of other candidates are considering running.


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then he married uber textile money...PLUS he was a devilish Clintonista. 

Thanks, IRKSOME BOWELS for making the correct decision for NC! 

Bowles not running

Not to say that I don't think he has the experience, but he has been in Washington long enough to be a nothing but a YES man. We think NC has had enought of those yes men.

You mean Bob "Who are you?"

You mean Bob "Who are you?" Etheridge? Better call the Who's agent to get the rights to "Who are you" for his campaign song....

Bob Etheridge can take a

Bob Etheridge can take a punch but can also deliver one.

So Bowles chickened out.

That explains the wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth downtown this morning.

That also means that we will not have a democrat Governer next year and probably means that the Obamunists will not carry the state this November.....

The old people want the good ole days back.

It's a shame he's such a weak person.  So weak that people feel sorry for him and don't want him to be in politics.  The state should not have to babysit a grown man.  Erskine Bowles represents everything wrong with NC.  He never could win in politics yet he was appointed to the job as UNC system president because of his daddy and their old school connnections.  Erskine has never had to compete for anything in life.  He and his kind are why NC is now in the hands of the GOP.

Erskine Bowles for Gov

You must have read my comments Mr Bowles of a few days ago. Like I said then: You are a good man but beintg Governor is not for you. Mr. McCrory, if you went up against him, would have "chewed you up and spit you out". Always knew you ARE a smart man and once again you have shown me how much more intelligent you are about making good decision for you, your family, NC and the USA.

Thank you Erskine

He must have read this blog... jimpomeranz . blogspot . com

Good decision EB

A wise decision Erskine.  You would have been a "very good man" for the job; but today's politics chews up and spits out "good men".   You deserve better at this stage of your life.

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