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Bowles, Simpson show coming to Duke

Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, who led the bipartisan deficit commission, will speak at Duke University on Jan. 18.

The event, "Decision Time: Bowles, Simpson and the Federal Budget," is part of Duke's Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture series. The talk, at Page Auditorium, is free to the public but tickets are required. Go to or call 684-4444.

Expect some frank talk by Bowles and Simpson, whose recommendations on budget reforms and deficit reduction did not gain traction in Congress. Subsequently, Congress' own super committee failed to reach agreement.

Bowles, of course, is former White House chief of staff and former UNC system president. Simpson is a former U.S. senator from Wyoming.


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You are totally wrong. 

You are totally wrong.  Look to your pal Bush for our deficit problem - two unfunded wars  and the Bush tax cuts.  Then look to the republicans in congress who refuse to overturn Bush's irresponsible tax giveaways to the wealthy.  Plain and simple that is where most of the deficit comes from. 

Why are these guys still

Why are these guys still talking? 

Their own committee failed

Their own committee failed to endorse the plan.  Maybe that tells you something about the quality of the plan.

You're silly

Silly you.  Obama's not going to leave office.  Bev is going to cancel the elections, remmeber?

The two most ignored men in America

They offered a decent plan to balance the budget. But Obama, having satisfied the showmanship requirements of going through the motions of balancing the budget, promptly shelved it and borrowed yet another $1.2 TRILLION. By the time he leaves office in January 2013, he may come close to doubling the national debt from $10 to $20 TRILLION.

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