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Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

Erskine BowlesErskine Bowles said that it's not premature to look into reductions.

The president of the University of North Carolina system responded to a recent letter from State Employees Association of N.C. head Dana Cope, which argued that it was illegal for the UNC system to consider steps to cut back its work force.

"While you suggest that 'there is no shortage of funds yet,' recall that the University has had to absorb more than $175 million in state budget cuts during the current fiscal year alone — and that personnel costs account for 75% of our campuses' state funding," Bowles wrote.

Bowles said that the UNC system has contacted Office of State Personnel head Linda Coleman, who agreed that "in these extraordinary times" it is "appropriate and prudent" for the university to take the steps.

Though the university is not yet short of money, Bowles said it is "wholly unrealistic" to think it won't be hit in the budget year starting June 1.

"Waiting would only increase the number of staff who would have to be laid off in order to absorb inevitable cuts," he writes.



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Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

I support the UNC system but must honestly say that I am confident they could find a few places to trim the payroll. There are assistants to assistants and a secretary for this and a secretary for that.

I agree about the post that said the purpose was to educate. And maybe they will get around to getting those professors who sit around writing books that no one reads back into the classroom in front of the students.

Business 101 can find many places to trim the UNC system payroll....and Business 101 is taught by the prof's assistant while the professor is.......?

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

The RIFs are already started at several UNC campuses.
But what is wrong is the focus. Instead of cutting
the fluff like coaches, they are cutting teachers.
The UNC Administration and the Governor need to remember
the purpose of the UNC System is education, not sports.

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

Oh, for goodness sake, "CitizenOpinionated." You certainly are displaying your own prejudices, and perhaps, ignorance. How do you know Bowles has worked hard all his life? How do you know rtoddmitchell hasn't worked hard? For that matter, how do you know if the writers you criticize are liberals or conservatives?

In fact, why don't you listen to your mama and worry about your ownself? How hard do you work? What are you getting paid for it?

You do make a good point about the ex-governor's wife, but if you don't want to hear opinions that differ from yours, stay off the blogs. But if you do wade in, drop the attempts to characterize writers as "liberals" just because you don't agree with them. That seems to indicate to anyone who reads your comments that you are intellectually lazy.

But having said that, let me assure you that I'm not calling you names. We had enough name-calling and disparagement in the past eight years to last a lifetime.

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

Employee cuts across the state can ONLY be a big help in reducing spending!
The trouble is, there wont be enough employee cuts from the bloated state employee system...

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

Why should Bowles take a pay cut when Mary Easley is getting paid what she is getting paid? At least he is earning his money...I am so tired of the wealth envy game by liberals...Erskine has worked hard his entire life...and has earned everything he has achieved...don't be hard yourself...remember what mama used to say...don't worry about him...worry about yourself..

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

RIFs have already started at NC State University.
Have a reporter check on it.

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

And yet I haven't heard the first thing about Bowles taking a pay cut.....

Re: Bowles: Nothing premature on RIFs

Yet another example of a union being out of step with reality...SEANC, UAW and their failure to compromise with GM...and Hagan still support "Employee Forced Choice Act of 2009"

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