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Bowles confident he can run universities, help fix debt

UNC system President Erskine Bowles has no fear that he can, oh, juggle the leadership of one of the nation’s top public universities while simultaneously righting the foundering ship of our country’s troubled financial situation.

"I’m pretty well known to have a strong work ethic," Bowles said in an interview today, Barb Barrett reports. "I’m not afraid of getting both jobs done."

President Barack Obama introduced Bowles, a Charlotte resident, at the White House this morning as the Democratic co-chairman of a new debt commission, formally named the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

The 18-member commission is charged with developing a list by December of ways to cut the nation’s deficit.

It has been a political football this week, with Republicans calling it little more than a "blue-ribbon panel" that won’t help with immediate needs.

Still, Republican congressional leaders are expected to appoint members to the group.

"This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue. This is an American challenge," Bowles said. "If we don’t (solve it), there’s going to be real problems.

"From a university perspective, if we don’t get this deficit in hand, there’s not going to be any money to invest in education and innovation and research."

Bowles said Obama called him about a week ago about the commission, asking for his help, promising that "everything would be on the table" and telling Bowles that the president had selected a Republican co-chairman in former Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming.

"I knew that was someone who was serious and someone I could be proud to be their partner," Bowles said.


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Message for Erskine and Allen

time to cut military spending by 50% and close down some of the 1000 or so military bases we taxpayers are bankrolling worldwide!

Quick Tip

Here's a quick tip for the Debt Commission.

Tell the government to STOP SPENDING. No money sent to other countries and no pork spending until we are out of debt. Sorry if I sound cold and it's not that I'm against humanitarian efforts but we need OUR economy fixed before we spend another penny somewhere else and all pork spending needs to stop until we're out of debt. Cut every non essential expense from the budget.

I'd be impressed - no,

I'd be impressed - no, flabbergasted - if he could competently do one OR the other. If he goes federal maybe he can take Bev with him. It would be the best thing he's ever done for this state, getting her out of here.


Erskine, you couldn't work your way out of a wet sack with a bowie knife, blow torch and a flash light. What a waste of skin!

Nothing new here

Anytime a commission is appointed in the polical arena it means "we are clueless and have no intentions of making the hard choices." the actions needed are the duty of the president and the congress. By doing this they are admitting they can not govern properly. This is the first time I have ever seen a president become a lame duck in his first 18 months in office. Brace for much higher taxes and spending and certainly a lower standard of living since the democrats think everyone should be on equal economic footing except them. We are headed for serious trouble and we don't have leadership. How sad.

One more thing...

Mr. Bowles, while you’re leading the UNC system, lowering the US deficit, and serving on your various boards, could you also perhaps find a little time to address the problem of world hunger? Surely, that wouldn’t be too much for a dynamic hard-charging individual such as yourself…

"Good luck" Erskine! I am a

"Good luck" Erskine! I am a strong supporter of Erskine's efforts as UNC Prez. I wish he would concentrate his time on THAT endeavor rather than run interference for yet another political criminal ..... Clinton, Easley now Obama.


Really - he can work two jobs at once? I thought he was a public employee. I cannot imagine that he can spare any time from his position running a major university system which must be an all consuming challenge.

Come on- Taxpayers are not paying him to work part time. Let him quit, or take a leave of absence from his public position. It is hard to imagine why he is even considering diverting his attention from the obligations of his current position.

This your brain, this is your brain on GOVERNMENT

listen folks, NO ONE is going to solve this mess. the remocrats lack any objectivity required to actually cut ONE PENNY IN SPENDING.

Be smart, and be prepared protect yourself, your family.

There are MAJOR bubbles that are going to burst. NO ONE will warn you about this. YOU are going to have to educate yourself.

there's an impending collapse in the commercial real estate market, there is absolute RUNAWAY spending in the govt, local and federal. And the Chinese are selling off the US debt they currently hold. Inflation will be skyrocketing within 2 years.

This is an economic 'perfect storm'. Neither Irksome and Obama nor Newt and Mcccain will do anything to prevent it.

WHAT A TOTALLY UNnecessary bunch of garbage

WHY can the Presidunce NOT figger out whats wrong? Most ANYONE can tell him, but he doesnt listen. IMPEACH the ShamBama as FAST as POSSIBLE! Get him OUT of the District of Criminals! Ditto Plugs, Nancy, and Harry. Be gone, criminals!

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