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Boseman renting apartment from lobbyist

State Sen. Julia Boseman, a Wilmington Democrat in the midst of a child custody battle, is staying at the Raleigh home of a lobbyist during the legislative session.

Boseman said she is renting a basement apartment in the home of lobbyist Theresa Kostrzewa. Both said Boseman is paying $50 a night, Dan Kane and David Ingram report.

Recent changes to the state's lobbying laws prevent lawmakers from accepting free or reduced-rate housing from lobbyists. Walker Reagan, a legislative staff attorney who advises on ethics issues, said Boseman would not be in violation of the law so long as she is paying a market rate. He said that Boseman had asked his opinion.

Kostrzewa said she checked apartments in her neighborhood and found that apartments were renting for $800 a month. That comes out to $27 a night. She said she also checked with a nearby hotel and found the government rate at roughly $65 per night.

Boseman is the Senate's first openly gay member. She is in the midst of a custody battle with her former domestic partner, and it has led to disclosures that she had smoked marijuana in the year before her election to the state legislature in 2004 and that she has defaulted on a $1.3 million loan on her former home.

Boseman said she has her son every other week under the custody agreement and she brings him to Raleigh.

"My No. 1 priority was finding a safe place," Boseman said. "I didn't want to keep him in a hotel. I felt like I needed more of a stable environment."

She said she also pays $10 an hour to Kostrzewa's teen-aged daughter for babysitting.


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Re: Wilmington Journal and Senator Boseman

Another amazing posting at the Wilmington Star News online forum.

A package delivered to the Department of Justice about not only Boseman but another Senator, what's next?

Wilmington Journal

And that editorial was written PRIOR to the discovery of Boseman's use of the "N" word in the transcript. Imagine some of the words they will publish this in this week's edition!

Re: open letter to Senator Boseman from Wilmington Journal

What I would say to the folks at the Wilmington Journal is hey, don't hold back...


To: District 9 State Senator Julia Boseman, New Hanover County

Good day, Sen. Boseman.
Given all of the recent disturbing headlines, we hope that you are doing well.
If you don’t mind, walk with us, if you will, down Memory Lane.
Last December, when a Wake County grand jury indicted then New Hanover County state House Rep. Thomas Wright on felony charges, you were quoted as telling a local television station, “I think it's a disgrace for North Carolina. It's a disgrace for Wilmington. I wish he would step down so we could have somebody in there who could help us."
And don’t forget, at the height of the Speaker Jim Black scandal, you chimed in with the rest of the Legislative chorus of, “Resign now, resign now!”
Well, well, well, Sen. Boseman. As the old saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.”
Given all that we’ve been hearing in the press about you, of late, particularly your admitted drug use while serving as a New Hanover County commissioner, we think the time has come for you to take a gulp of the medicine you so high-mindedly were willing to dose out to other public officials in trouble.
In fact, we find it absolutely the height of all unmitigated gall for you to have even opened your trap about Rep. Wright last December.
You know, December 2007, when you admitted, under oath in a court of law during a child custody battle with your now former significant other, that you smoked an illegal substance in the presence of a minor.
It is our understanding that your alleged questionable deeds don’t end there.
We feel you would do the community, your district, and certainly the New Hanover Democratic Party a fine favor if you just packed up your “Hillary for President” signs and buttons and followed homegirl off into the sunset, so that dignified, honest leadership of character can represent the fine citizens of Senate District 9.
Needless to say, Sen. Boseman, many of us in the Wilmington/New Hanover County African-American community wouldn’t mind holding the door for you after your last day in office, which very well may be after this fall’s election, if not sooner.
Much sooner, we pray!
During your worthless two terms in office, you have been hostile to the needs and wishes of your African-American constituency in the district.
Yes, you served as co-chair on the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission, but ended up not really supporting many of the important proposed measures that came out of that panel’s recommendations.
In fact, you told the Star News, “"I don't think it's right for a taxpayer today to pay for mistakes of hundreds of years ago," referring to paying compensation to the descendants of those African-Americans who were killed or lost properties in the massacre.
"I think it would do more harm than good."
Mind you, this was a complete about-face from what you told the Associated Press in 2006 when you said, “I think it's important that people see what hate did to destroy my community," said commission co-chair and state Sen. Julia Boseman, a white member of the biracial group. "We're still suffering from it and we're still trying to recover."
Will the real Julia Boseman please stand up!
And we’ll never forget what we wrote when this newspaper endorsed your Republican opponent Dr. Irvin Al Roseman in 2006:

In this instance, we know we can’t trust the Democrat, Sen. Boseman.
When Rep. Wright sought help from the state Senate side on his “Success School” bill in order to make sure that Black children weren’t dumped and disregarded by public school systems, he went to Sen. Boseman - “our” Wilmington state senator – asking her to help in his effort.
Her response? Her constituency was not interested in that issue.
Why didn’t Ms. B just come out and say she and her “constituency” prefer that Black children be warehoused like cattle and not be given a chance in life. No sense leaving room for misunderstanding.
Sen. Boseman was also appointed to the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission to help formulate the report.
Did she show up at many meetings?
Any meetings?
The final press conference, perhaps, to release the report?
Your answer would be “c,” the press conference, and probably the only one that she could take credit for work she had nothing to do with.
And who could forget Sen. Boseman’s endorsement of Wilmington City Councilwoman Laura Padgett, who is so conservative and belligerent toward African-Americans, right-wing Republicans don’t mind voting for her. Padgett tried mightily to unseat Rep. Thomas Wright in the May primary in a bitter, bitter battle that left Democrats here divided and angry.
Well, you can thank Sen. Boseman for that.
Boseman is a failed joke of a public servant who dares to masquerade as an effective legislator. She cares nothing for the people who truly have to struggle to make it in this world, catering, instead, to those who would only improve her profile.
A few more Democrats like that, and the only thing left black in the party will be the ink on the “So long” note.
And we’ll never forget, while reporting on which General Assembly lawmakers last year had taken money from the subprime lending industry, which has cost millions of Americans their homes, how surprised we were to find your name prominently listed:
Even over on the Senate side, a close inspection of State Sen. Julia Boseman’s campaign finance reports found a $500.00 contribution to her committee from “HSBC North Carolina” on September 4, 2006, then another $350.00 from Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas the following month.
Gee, given how close you were with the subprime guys, makes you wonder where they were when the loan on your $1.3 million coastal hideaway went belly-up?
You know, the house that will be auctioned off at the New Hanover County Courthouse on June 25?
A lot of black people in your district you turned your back on know exactly what that feels like. You took money from the companies that put them out of their homes.
Like we said, what goes around…
So in closing, Sen. Boseman, you’ve been a divisive figure for as long as you’ve been in public office, and quite frankly, we’re tired of you.
Take the advice you love giving other less fortunate public officials in trouble (we say “less fortunate” because they’re in jail, and you’re not…yet), and step down for the good of your district.
If it was the right thing to do for Thomas Wright, and the right thing to do for Jim Black, then there is little question that it is absolutely the appropriate thing for you to undertake.
Don’t worry, we’ll find someone we can trust to take your place. We’re certain you’ll have your hands filled with other things to worry about.


The community

Re: Boseman renting apartment from lobbyist

captsfufp, being a clean water lobbyist would still be an issue with me, it still presents an appearance of impropriety. If she were staying with a clean water lobbyist and hog legislation was on the table, do you think the hog industry would be happy with her staying with a enviro-lobbyist?

King, thanks for the info.

reply to j1c2kp

at look for the sentence in the lobbyist article that says: According to court documents filed today Senator Boseman has been living at 2349 Churchill Road.

There is a link by clicking on "court documents"

Also at the bottom of the blog there are links to the court transcripts of the civil trial where testimony is given about drug use, sexual affairs, using the "N" word, etc.

Re: Boseman sharing house with lobbyist

So we are being asked to trust the senator and the lobbyist that nothing unethical takes place as they cohabitate together. Sure. The senator has proven she has total disregard for the law. She has admitted having a problem with illegal drugs, she has financial troubles bad enough to have two one million dollar homes fall into foreclosure as well as a million dollars worth of real estate in Pender County. But the perfect example of the lack of resepect the senator has for the laws is her violation of a court order that is supposed to prevent Senator Boseman from taking her ex-partner's child out of New Hanover County, and yet...

"My No. 1 priority was finding a safe place," Boseman said. "I didn't want to keep him in a hotel."

I believe her number one priority should have been to obey the law.

And we are to trust this person? Gimme a break!

This sleep over arrangement between a lobbyist and a senator is a kin to a 13 year old boy sleeping over at MIchael Jackson's house. I'm sure nothing will happen.

Re: Boseman renting apartment from lobbyist

King, I couldn't find the court order on the Where is it?

Re: Boseman renting apartment from lobbyist

Comment deleted for impropriety.

— RTB 

Re: Boseman renting apartment from lobbyist

This is the home of Theresa Kostrzewa-Tucker. It is also the address listed for Capital Advantage Associates, a lobbying organization listing Kostrzewa as the lobbyist representing, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, Hest Technologies, Murphy-Brown, LLC, NC State Optometric Society, News Corporation, Smithfield Foods, Smithfield Packaging, Wal Mart Stores, and the video poker industry.

How can a senator live with a lobbyist for any reason?

Im curious, when did Boseman ask Reagan about the law? Before or after she got caught? Where is the rental agreement? Where is the canceled check? How is it sharing a million dollar house worth $50 a night? How much is the Red Roof Inn? How much is the Velvet Cloak? What is fair market value? Who determines that?

And what a crock, ""My No. 1 priority was finding a safe place," Boseman said. "I didn't want to keep him in a hotel. I felt like I needed more of a stable environment."" She is in violation of a court order to take her child anywhere without approval. Court papers filed yesterday asking for custody to be immediately revoked for violating the order can be found below.

Re: Boseman renting apartment from lobbyist

What kind of lobbyist?

I mean, c'mon, you call this reporting? I mean, if it's the clean water lobbyist, that's sort of different than the insurance industry lobbyist, right? We all know "lobbyist" has become a pejorative term, so let's please be a little more detailed when we use the word. After all, if the headline is screaming "lobbyist" then you are obviously trying to insinuate this is newsworthy (and, subtlety, trying to state this is a bad thing and is indicative of influence peddling. If you aren't saying this, then why is it worthy of an article?). But then you don't give any of the details of your headline, so, really, the story ends up being meaningless. C'mon, Journalism 101...

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