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Boseman moves out

State Sen. Julia Boseman is no longer living at the home of lobbyist Theresa Kostrzewa.

Boseman, a Wilmington Democrat, moved out last week "out of respect for Mrs. Kostrzewa and her family," said Boseman's campaign manager, Tom Keating.

Kostrzewa and Boseman said that Boseman paid $50 a night to stay in a basement apartment in Kostrzewa's Raleigh home, Dan Kane reports. Boseman also paid Kostrzewa's teen-aged daughter to babysit Boseman's child.

Boseman had checked with Walker Reagan, a legislative staff attorney who helped write the lobbying and ethics laws. The new laws prevent lobbyists from offering things of value to lawmakers. Reagan told Boseman the arrangement would be legal so long as she paid a market rate.

A child custody battle has caused Boseman to disclose that she had smoked marijuana in the year before her election to the state legislature in 2004 and that she has defaulted on a $1.3 million loan on her former home. She is the Senate's first openly gay member.

Boseman is not the only lawmaker to pay for housing from a lobbyist. Rep. Debbie Clary, a Cleveland County Republican, is paying rent to live at the condo of lobbyist Connie Wilson.

Wilson, who left the legislature in 2004, said that Clary moved in the following year and is paying $450 a month, which amounts to half of the mortgage payment. Clary said she cleared the arrangement with the State Ethics Commission.

"We were very close friends in the legislature," Clary said of Wilson, who served six terms in the House. "She's never even lobbied me."

Clary is running for the state senate seat that Walter Dalton, a Rutherfordton Democrat, is leaving to run for lieutenant governor.


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Re: Boseman moves out

It is never appropriate for a legislator to live with or share living expenses with a lobbyist. Avoid the appearance...

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